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Ninjato Data Driven Time Tracking System

Ninjato helps to monitor the progress of software development projects in real time across a range of metrics with detailed analysis

Data driven project management tool

Manage Customer and Stakeholder Expectations with Ninjato

Once, 700 hours of our software development work went unpaid due to mismanagement. Learning from that experience, we discovered a solution. Meet the Ninjato Project Management Tool.

Developers work in their usual project management environment

  • Track time spent on tasks.
  • Indicate the progress of each task.

Ninjato analyze this data across more than 50 KPI’s

  • Generate detailed reports.
  • Builds dashboards and graphs.
  • Allows you to export data to spreadsheet.

You have a helicopter view on your project

  • Forecasts.
  • Highlighted risks and potential issues.
  • Potential fraud.
  • Financial analytics.
  • Task’s cost.

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Get more control over your project
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