ULC Informal Meeting: Table Tennis Tournament

On March 29, Ukrainian Logistics Community (ULC) organized and held table tennis tournament. The main purpose of the event was an informal meeting of ULC members and other interested persons. Participants had an opportunity to communicate, have a rest with colleagues and, of course, play table tennis! ๐Ÿ™‚ CoreTeka representative, Denis Lugovoyy, participated in the […]

CoreTeka events

In 2017 CoreTeka started actively supporting the development and promotion of IT-community in automotive, retail and logistics fields. To this end, CoreTeka initiated a special framework within the company, devoted to the achievement of the above-mentioned goals – CoreTeka Events. 2017 was a year full of interesting and helpful events: two Automotive Startup Crash Tests, […]

Under control: How the Ukrainian team created a control system for drones

Under control: How the Ukrainian team created a control system for drones The USA and several other countries want to make the state drones management platform from AVISION Robotics Alexander Mozolyuk, co-founder of CoreTeka told K.Fund Media about the future unmanned drones. For the Ukrainian startup AVISION Robotics, created in 2014, there are no restrictions […]

CoreTeka Automotive Startup Crash Test #2

Coreteka company held another Startup Crash Test #2 An event that serves to bring IT-entrepreneurs who work on automobile projects together on one site took place in the creative space Chasopys on June 6th. Aleksandr Isachenko, a Coreteka CEO and co-founder, started off the event. The company is implementing innovations in the automotive business systematically, […]

CoreTeka Automotive Zone at iForum

IForum, one of the biggest IT-related events in Ukraine, was held in Kyiv on May 25th The forum was attended by over 9โ€™000 visitors that is showing a huge and rising interest for IT and innovations among Ukrainian society. The conference included 6 streams with different topics: starting from Internet business/startups and Advertising to Edtech […]

CoreTeka Automotive Hackathon #1

Winners of the first Ukrainian hackathon of automotive solutions and transport technologies are decided Onย April 7 โ€“ 9 the first Ukrainian hackathon of automotive innovations and transport technologies Coreteka Automotive Hackathon took place in Kyiv Smart City Hub. The event was attended by over 70 developers from different parts of the country and even the […]