we implement innovations in Logistics, Retail & AgriFood

We will solve your company's technological issues and come up with solutions together with our team of software developers and design professionals.

Our team encompasses highly trained professionals with vast & relevant experience in retail, logistics, and agrifood industries. For more than 5 years we've worked as a software innovation partner for top Ukrainian companies and huge global enterprises.

What our clients say

"Coreteka is a reliable partner. They will solve challenging development problems. We liked how they dug deep into the nuances of our business processes, offered detailed estimation, and strictly kept the deadlines."


Head of the Department, AutoHIT

What our clients say

"We chose CoreTeka to develop our mobile loyalty app and it was an excellent decision. We appreciate the team's approach to the work and to us as a company. In addition to professional development skills, the main advantage of CoreTeka is its expertise in the automotive industry. Strongly recommend CoreTeka."


Chief Executive Officer, Gastron

What our clients say

"It was a good choice to work with CoreTeka as they provided remarkable expertise in web development. I recommend their high level of team competence and desire to complete all project tasks in the best way. The CoreTeka team took all our wishes into consideration and successfully delivered them. I hope we have a chance to work on other projects in the future."


Chief Executive Officer, Havas Digital


Our core services

Business analysis

We create straightforward clean process schemes and descriptions, consult with professionals during the development process, identify customer's needs, gather business requirements, and determine solutions to their problems.

UX/UI and Product Design

With our extensive background in UI and UX, we're capable of solving all your business pain points. We normally create something very efficient for the user, and also visually appealing. Our team uses a human-centered approach to creating transformative, digital experiences that solve the most complex business challenges.

Web Applications Development

Our team has the ability to work on e-commerce projects by customizing the backend, improving the visual design, enhancing marketplace architecture and performance. Our web developers use a variety of coding frameworks so we can find the right approach to upgrade your product and increase customer retention.

Mobile Applications Development

We can develop software for Android and iOS platforms. We're unleashing the platforms’ maximum potential to build robust and user-friendly apps. All the experience gained over time by our team will be available to you as the customer.

Custom Integrations

Custom Integration can simplify your life, making it more convenient, safer, more energy-efficient, and more enjoyable. We provide easy and efficient integrations, consistent experience across all your products & services improving their overall performance and quality of life.

QA and SLA

We test product features to ensure they meet design specifications, optimize and simplify routine testing with a minimum set of scripts. Our specialists ensure all service level agreements (SLAs) for information technology services across the organization are provided according to the respective specifications.


Experience of cooperation

Our Core Innovation domains


We have strong domain expertise in Agriculture and Food Supply Chain digitalization and relevant experience with

  • Field scouting applications
  • GIS-based information analytics
  • Image recognition and processing
  • Mobile apps for distribution companies


Logistics & Transportation

We gladly share our experience in the development of:

  • TMS & Fleet management
  • Mobile apps for logistics and couriers services
  • Mobile apps for drivers and service assistance
  • CarSharing Technology



You can either use a ready-made solution that fits you best or we will develop for you:

  • Quality Management System
  • Real-time Sales Analytics
  • Loyalty Mobile Applications
  • Queue Management


Take a glance at

Case studies

YChamp – fitness app

[ Apple Health ]

[ AWS ]

[ Google Fit ]

[ Java ]

[ Kotlin ]


[ PHP ]

[ Swift ]

Activity tracking program that selects users for ideal opponents in competitions, considering and comparing their capabilities.

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Retail Loyalty App

[ Java ]

[ jquery ]

[ Kotlin ]

[ PHP ]

[ PostgreSQL ]

[ Swift ]

A brand new application for the chain of grocery stores and added the most important information: customer’s card, notifications, mother’s club, coupons, etc. 

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