June 23, 2024

Save 15-20% in Logistics Spend: How Wiima Developed a SCM Platform with the Help of Coreteka

Save 15-20% in Logistics Spend: How Wiima Developed a SCM Platform with the Help of Coreteka - 6

Over 5 years ago, Wiima Logistics embarked on a mission to revolutionize supply chain management. Their goal yielded a versatile digital platform that not only provides 3PL, pricing, and project logistics management solutions through a single interface but also offers its users the potential for 15-20% direct cost savings in their logistics spend. Such impressive cost efficiencies are a testament to the platform’s design and capabilities.

Furthermore, the platform significantly streamlines the tendering and booking process, liberating valuable resources and time for businesses. This efficiency is magnified by the platform’s unique ability to serve as a centralized hub for all logistics-related data and analytics. In today’s fast-paced supply chain world, having such a comprehensive tool can be a game-changer for firms aiming to refine their logistics strategies.

Wiima Logistics has involved the Coreteka team in the development process to assist in the creation of several functional features.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the platform’s innovative features and showcase how Wiima Logistics’ customers can harness its power for optimal supply chain management.

About Wiima Logistics

Wiima Logistics is a multinational 4PL (Fourth-Party Logistics) provider with offices in Finland, China, Singapore, the USA, Malaysia, Estonia, and Poland. Working closely with project-based companies, manufacturers, importers, and exporters, the company takes care of all aspects of supply chain management. Wiima Logistics also collaborates with over 1000 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) providers and carriers worldwide. This allows its clients to fully concentrate on their core business operations by referring logistics management to professionals like Wiima and focusing on scaling.

To enhance customer service quality, Wiima Logistics embarked on online supply chain management platform development. This tool is accessible to its clients. Concurrently, Coreteka is contributing to several feature development, maintenance, and UI/UX aspects.

The idea behind Wiima’s digital freight platform

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the company lost around 40% of its operational markets. To bear this situation, Wiima Logistics decided to upgrade its digital platform to help shippers and carriers gain better planning and control over their supply chains. This strategic solution was made to improve customer satisfaction levels.

Once the decision to improve the platform was made, Wiima still worked on the solution independently for some time. However, in 2020, they decided to seek assistance for some feature development from an external IT service provider, leading them to Coreteka.

About fruitful cooperation with Coreteka

Managers from Wiima Logistics and Coreteka connected on the LinkedIn platform, after which they scheduled an online meeting. Given Coreteka’s specialization in logistics tech solution development, it quickly became evident that this collaboration had great potential.

Coreteka is a custom software development company specializing in logistics, retail, and agrifood tech solutions. Within its portfolio, it offers online digital platforms, courier applications, custom TMS, applications based on API integration, and even Big Data analytics tools.

Since the digital freight platform already existed as a product, Coreteka’s technical team focused on enhancing it, developing new features, and providing continuous support. Project management was conducted on the client’s side.

“The Coreteka’s team provided us with valuable assistance in various areas of platform feature development. They offered effective visions, UX/UI design, and solutions. Thanks to this partnership, we achieved a remarkable outcome, which we can now offer to our clients. On Coreteka’s end, an account manager is always available to communicate with. All discussions are facilitated through online tools like Microsoft Teams”.

Why Wiima Logistics chose Coreteka as their contractor

As Wiima’s project managers say, Coreteka’s customer-centric approach is a decisive factor. It’s not merely about coding; the contractor’s team consistently provided solutions based on their extensive experience in creating logistics products.

Also, service affordability was a key highlight:

“When compared to similar companies in Finland, we saved a significant amount of time. We appreciate that Coreteka’s technical team doesn’t rely on templates but consistently offers innovative approaches and solutions. This allowed us to navigate past many potential issues”, says the customer.

During new features testing, it became evident that Wiima Logistics’ customers particularly appreciated the Project Logistics Management functionality.

Wiima’s digital supply chain management platform’s features

The platform comprises two main modules—MyOrders and PLM (Project Logistics Management)—each designed to tackle specific logistics-related tasks. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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The MyOrders module features

This module is designed specifically for freight owners, allowing them to compare shipping prices from different carriers and choose the best option. The feature is implemented as a user-friendly page where you can browse companies and get their quotations from different sources, including special offers. This can significantly decrease the total transportation cost.

Save 15-20% in Logistics Spend: How Wiima Developed a SCM Platform with the Help of Coreteka - 10

For example, when browsing through available companies, you can filter carriers by prices, available options, delivery terms, etc. You can even hide 3PL providers that you’re not going to work with.

Worth mentioning that it’s available through API.

You can also find here the necessary information:

  • Order status.
  • Track number.
  • Estimated delivery date (ETA).
  • Address details.
  • Package details.
  • Documents needed (CRM, Label, etc).

Among other coming features are reporting, analytics, and insights functionality, a custom mobile app, multimodal (intermodal), and multi-currencies support.

If you have specific cargo such as overlength, nonstackable, dangerous goods, or refrigerator required, you can easily filter only quotes from providers that support your requirements.

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The PLM module features

This is an advanced tool for large manufacturers engaged in project logistics management. Considering that the system can handle large SKUs, companies can understand each item’s status and location whether it’s transported or processed in warehouses.

Here are some available features:

  • Each SKU can be uploaded on the platform through XLS import or via API. In such a way, even if you have millions of items, they will be visible in a couple of clicks.
  • You can track carries and SKU locations with interactive maps. This allows Wiima’s clients to understand where the necessary item is located right now.
  • The platform provides quick SKU alerts. For example, when your item is delayed.
  • Project inventory levels are provided in real time. You can track your shipments from their order to delivery. Each SKU can be filtered by its status, dates, etc.
  • The platform also simplifies warehouse management. Your workers can track SKUs that arrive at a specific warehouse, create shipment plans, and get bills of lading. All of it is tablet-friendly. Handheld device support is available on demand.

The PLM module is all about full supply chain visibility on different shipment and storage stages.

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All-New Features in Wiima’s Supply Chain Management Platform

While the platform’s functionality is undergoing refinement and optimization, the MyOrders module already allows clients to manage their supply cycle.

The newest existing features include:

  • Retrieving prices from Wiima’s global network of carrier partners to find the cheapest rates and shortest transit times.
  • Booking transportation through carrier systems to decrease data loss.
  • Automatically sending information to the invoicing system to make payments easier.
  • Tracking goods at every stage of the supply chain to simplify communication with managers.
  • Receiving email notifications and alerts about the status of goods in transit to stay updated even with a slow internet connection.

This approach will provide platform users with full control over their imported goods, real-time visibility, and cost-saving.

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Wrapping up

The supply chain management domain experiences challenges of material flows, from global shipment tracking to project delays. To address these challenges, Wiima’s product is continuing development. This multi-tool is available to Wiima’s clients, allowing them to decrease road transportation costs by comparing prices from different carriers and getting full control of their SKUs in the provided analytics. And this is only the beginning of the Wiima platform’s bright future way.

If you need technical assistance with your logistics projects, feel free to approach Coreteka. In case you would like to get cost savings on your logistics expenses right today – contact a Wiima Logistics representative.