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Project Main Goals

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Project Main Goals

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[ Web ]

UNIFY will become a mobile app for drivers & companies, which allows users to find a transporter for cargo in real-time. There is a corporate account in this app which helps users to manage user’s team & car fleet. With this app users also can sign a contract using a digital signature.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Our main goal was developing an app that helps companies to reduce costs for logistics and transportation and allows them to monitor the vehicle throughout a whole way. Cargo transportation by road increased by 5.8% till 2018 - to 186.7 million tons. The turnover of automobile transport enterprises grew by 2% - to 42 billion ton-kilometers.

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Identify the Problem

  • Searching a vehicle for cargo is a time-consuming process because of a lack of information about transportation company, costs, vehicles, etc.


  • Developing an app with information about all registered carriers, fleet list, documents. The service that can help to find the best option for clients needs.



Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 10



To become a UNIFY driver, person should fill the form about his driving experience and write detailed information about his vehicle. Also, driver could receive rates on a scale of 1-5 stars after delivering.

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In this application company can find a transportation for cargo immediately, choose driver and save their time and money. In their profile transportation company should note transport permits information and other documents.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 16

UX - Application Structure

UX - Application Structure

The application focuses on reaching users' transportation needs and has main options: Login/Register, Driver Profile, Cargo Search, Conclusion of the treaty for drivers and carriers, Carrier company profile, Adding cargo option.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 18

First of all, we found the user’s pain points that help us to understand what exactly customers of our partner want and how we can solve their problems with our solution.

Visual Design

Visual Design

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 20

We designed a user-friendly interface with all necessary options, pleasant colors and easy to use navigation.

Project Features

Project Features

UNIFY will serve to allow consignees to find a carrier in real-time, participate in the managing of cargo, and sign a contract using a digital signature.

Driver’s Profile

Driver’s Profile

User needs to complete registration only during his first entrance to the system. It is a way to check the user’s credentials. Every time after user initial registration, he will log on to the system using the username and password.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 22

Company profile

Company profile

User can fill up company info, manage employees list and gather employees teams in Company / Teams Profile. From this screen user can go to car fleet, cargo & contract management screens.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 24

Fleet List

Fleet List

On these screens, the user can add & remove vehicles & cargo, indicate its characteristics, and appoint drivers on the vehicles.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 26

Request Creation

Request Creation

These screens show you how users of the consignee can use a cargo list with its details. Here they can also add cargo and its characteristics very fast & set all the necessary transportation requirements.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 28

Cargo Search and Filters

Cargo Search and Filters

The mobile app has simply usable filters where users can find all the active requests. Dispatch can also look through all active requests using a list or a map view.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 30

Signing the contract

Signing the contract

User can easily sign a cargo transportation contracts with his digital signature using a gadget. Users also can create a new contract really fast using ready templates.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 32
Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 34


A well-designed application with concise icons, pleasant colors, and fonts that are easy to read has a huge impact on information perception, memorization, and help to use system intuitively.

We chose a color palette

During the app design development, we focused on bright colors, which you can see below. We choose yellow as a mail color because of a perfect combination with the logo’s color.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 36

Typography we used

Application main font is Raleway font family, used in Extra Bold, Medium, Light formats.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 38
Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 40

Development Solutions

Development Solutions

Our team used the most effective and modern solutions to develop UNIFY application. Now we'll have easy to use app with all necessary functions for customers.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 42

[ BA+SA ]

SRS was created according to IEEE 830 practices (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 44 Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 46

[ UX Design ]

We understand that the quality and success of the product depend on the experience user acquires after using it. Our UX specialists know how to make the product people will want to come back to.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 48 Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 50

[ UI Design ]

Nothing makes application harder to forget than a unique design. Design for the application was made with aim for its visitors to never leave.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 52 Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 54

[ Languauge ]

For the website development we used PHP 7. It is specifically designed for web development and its code can be embedded directly into HTML.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 56

[ Database ]

We are concerned about the security of your data. That’s why we are always determined to keep your information in the safe place.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 58

[ Networking ]

We supported the launch of the application on it’s every stage and provided all necessary information for users.

Unify. Load & Quotation Platform - 60



Design and architecture for this project were developed by coreteka and the solution is waiting for the next investments to become famous.  Creating such kind of solutions helps companies to find a driver with his transport and reduce costs for transportation and logistics. Therefore, UNIFY will allow monitoring of the vehicle with cargo from the start point to finish and give consignee all necessary updates in real-time.

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