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The platform where shippers and carriers meet each other
IRIS. The digital freight platform

Project Main Goals

Project Main Goals

Establishing a platform for cargo carriage where transportation company and consignor can find each other. In the mobile app, we developed new options especially for IRIS platform: shipment status, cargo/driver tracking, review for every transportation company, chat for consignor and driver, consignor calendar.



Team members: [ 7 ]

Months: [ 4 ]

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 4

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

UX design process begins from understanding requirements and creating user personas: transportation company and consignor. After that, we made a research of trends, gathered ideas and drew sketches. Our main task was to develop good user experience design with all mockups, wireframes, user flows and prepare materials for work on final graphics.

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 6

Identify the Problem & Solutions


  • The difficulty of finding an appropriate carrier according to freight specifics.
  • Impossibility to compare freight rates from different carriers.


  • Development of a platform for shippers and carriers that allow users to search for carriage options based on their goals.
  • The interface that contains all necessary information about the shipper, such as rates, delivery time, cargo type, etc.



IRIS. The digital freight platform - 8


IRIS. The digital freight platform - 10

Freight Manager

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 12

Visual Design

Visual Design

Our team chose the minimalist style for the interface, created a detailed static representation of the design. All screens were merged into an interactive prototype to show how the application would look like after the development stage.

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 14

Project Features

Project Features

Basic Functionality

Basic Functionality

For user convenience, we also developed the mobile version of the platform. Here, carriers can create and manage their transportation requests and have a chat with the shipper during transportation.

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 24

Development Solutions

Development Solutions & Technologies

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 26


On the Iris digital freight platform, users can find insightful information about shippers, such as the number of successful deliveries, transportation in progress, company contacts, and so on. This allows carriers to find a reliable shipper, based on data.

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 28 IRIS. The digital freight platform - 30

UX Design

Coreteka develops solutions accordingly to crucial UX design principles. This means our designs are easy to interact with. The Iris platform has advanced filters, allowing users to quickly navigate it.

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 32 IRIS. The digital freight platform - 34

UI Design

The platform is created in neutral colors and easy-to-read fonts. In such a way, we achieved a visually appealing design.

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 36 IRIS. The digital freight platform - 38


Since the Iris platform should provide shipper lists and contain necessary information about transportation companies, we decided to choose PHP as the main programming language. We also used SQL to store and retrieve data.

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 40


To ensure the accuracy and consistency of stored data, we used SQL. This prevents data from being entered into the database in an incorrect format or with invalid values, reducing the risk of data corruption. We also take care of your data security.

IRIS. The digital freight platform - 42


Our team supports the project on each development step, meaning you can be confident that everything goes well.

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