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Philip Morris
Transport Management System

Project Main Goals

The major purposes of this product are the TMS and EDI. The 6-role system allows users to minimize paperwork and value the real-time data and information exchange.

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Team members: [ 5 ]

Months: [ 4 ]

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

The empty truck mileage is 720 000 000 km per year. It results in 85 320 tonnes of CO2 pollution per year. The EU government plans to reduce CO2 emissions to 95 g / km. Our TMS tracker can be a catalyst for positive changes.

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Identify the Problem

  • There are 17% of empty truck mileage in Ukraine
  • CO2 emission
  • Money loss


  • Optimization of logistics processes by 2% decreases loss for the same operating costs.
  • Due to TMS tracker we can also reduce the CO2 emissions by 1,2%



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Customer company

Customer can create and edit the request, choose the carrier, define route&details and get information from the carrier.

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Transportation company

Specialists can see all available requests and choose one of them, negotiate the price, assign a vehicle and discuss a route.

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UX Design

UX Design

Requests can be formed by the pre-created templates or by adding unique order parameters, it also can be formed by the kilometer or hourly rates.

Our team was focused on developing an easy to use interface for customers and carriers. Now they can add a new request and find a carrier in a matter of minutes.

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Visual Design

Visual Design

Visual design for the application is neat and light-weight. It is implemented with the Google Material guidelines. Soft colors are used specifically not to distract the user's attention from the major content. The tools used make the workflow quick, intuitive, and secure.

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Project Features

Project Features

To speed-up and simplify work with the system, the database of all involved personas and entities may be provided: car fleet providers, routes and road quality knowledgebase, drivers and security guards base, information on warehouses and loading/ unloading points.

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We chose a color palette

We used three main colors in different shades: blue, green and red

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Typography we used

There are two fonts which we used in application: Roboto and Quicksand

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Development Solutions

Development Solutions

At CoreTeka we can provide you with quality solutions on all stages of website development - from analytics to networking.

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[ Analysis ]

The first stage of the product development is analysis. Our specialists make research using modern tools to give you a proper suggestion on the ways of process optimization.

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[ UX Design ]

We understand that the quality and success of the product depend on the experience user acquires after using it. Our UX specialists know how to make the product people will want to come back to.

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[ UI Design ]

Nothing makes application harder to forget than a unique design. Design for the application was made with aim for its visitors to never leave.

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[ Language ]

We used Java 8 for this project - a programming language that produces software for multiple platforms.

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[ Database ]

We are concerned about the security of your data. That’s why we are always determined to keep your information in the safe place.

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[ Networking ]

We supported the launch of the application on it’s every stage and provided all necessary information for users.



Online service for Philip Morris Ukraine will automate the process of transporting goods from the company's warehouses to distributors' warehouses using motor-carriers transportation from third-party companies. As always, we were honored to get positive feedback from Philip Morris about our approach.

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