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Quality Control

Project Main Goals

Project Main Goals

To develop a system that allows to monitor and evaluate the results of work done by consultants, sales representatives, sellers in retail chains, call centers, and as a result, improve the performance of the company's sales department.





Team members: [ 7 ]

Months: [ 5 ]

Project Overview

The project is created as an online service for the company Philip Morris Ukraine, which will automate the management of the validation process of sales operations that work on outlets.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

The system helps to track the quality of work done by employees and controls their regular use of scripts at work

Identify the Problem & Solutions


  • Low quality of script execution.
  • Difficult process of evaluating the results of staff’s work done.


  • If needed - application can inform user about low level of scripts execution. User awared about control of his work.
  • Once conversation of representative with customer done - it goes to his manager's interface aong with score and statistics.





Person 1 - Manager

System helps users to analyze the work of the staff at outlets in real-time.



Person 2 - Representative

The system helps to track the quality of work done by employees and controls their regular use of scripts at work.

Application Structure

Application Structure

The system helps to track the quality of work done by employees and controls their regular use of scripts at work. In the questionnaires list, managers can see information about sellers (role, region, city, point name, seller’s name) and their performance evaluation. Representatives list can help managers quickly find and contact them (email info, region info). The system tracks the performance of each employee or outlet through actions and does not require staff involvement.

The system allows to visualize reports and organize information by department, city or any other specified parameter and can be integrated with any external ERP or CRM system that has an API and will allow to automatically transfer data to the customer's system.



Quality Control system accepts the use of mobile application based on Android and iOS platforms.

Basic Functionality

Basic Functionality

After recording, the system determines how much the said text employee corresponds to the approved company script. The system can use manual moderation form for additional evaluation criteria, automatic voice script evaluation, scripts library, etc. System allows you to find out detailed information every registered worker (seller): seller’s company, role, region info, city. In line with the needs, customers can add other details about the worker.

Development Solutions

Development Solutions & Technologies



SRS was created according to IEEE 830 practices (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).


UX Design

We understand that the quality and success of the product depend on the experience user acquires after using it. Our UX specialists know how to make the product people will want to come back to.

img img

UI Design

Nothing makes application harder to forget than a unique design. Design for the application was made with aim for its visitors to never leave.



We used Java for this project - a programming language that produces software for multiple platforms.



We are concerned about the security of your data. That’s why we are always determined to keep your information in the safe place.



We supported the launch of the application on it’s every stage and provided all necessary information for users.

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