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Website and loyalty app


Project Main Goals

Project Main Goals

Developing a new mobile application for the WOG fuel stations. The network has 150,000 visitors daily throughout Ukraine, so the new site and application had to be easy to use and contain all the most important information.


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Team members: [ 7 ]

Months: [ 4 ]

Project Overview

As any marketing tools, the website serves to attract new customers and keep the reputation on a proper level, and the loyalty app serves to increase LTV and average purchase.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

We started a web site and application development from analysis of competitors, creating a new usability structure and user-friendly design with reinventing existing functions and adding the new ones.

Identify the Problem & Solutions

Adapt current set of offers to individual amrketing content that might be completed with notifications in case if customer haven't reacted in a short period of time.

  • Each user has his unique ID
  • Content for each offer can be edited real-time via managing interface





In the application, customer can monitor his car fuel consumption, find a nearest WOG gas station, and use his loyalty card.



Manager or Administrator can monitor users activity, update information about gas stations and fuel prices, provide customer support.

Visual Design

Visual Design

We have developed a design following iOS 11 guidelines to make application modern, stylish and user-friendly



In “WOG” design we used a three colored gradient. We choose red and orange as a main colors because they would associate with active lifestyle, positive vibes and speed.

Bright Gradients

To make application suit the general style of the brand we developed a visual conception of the appearance of the used gradients.

Typography we used

Source Sans Pro, Adobe’s first open source typeface family. It is a sans serif typeface intended to work well in user interfaces.

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