June 11, 2019

Future of Logistics #4: Innovations in retail

Online retailers continue to take over the world, while retail stores do not compete and finally close. We expect that in 2020, 20% of all food products will be purchased through the Internet. Such figures make companies be adept and innovative today. The speakers of Conference “Future of Logistics”  told how to survive under such conditions and remain leaders at the market. So CoreTeka was an organizer of this event, which took place on June 10th, 2019. The most interesting information from the event is located below.

Mykola Chumak at Coreteka event

Mykola Chumak, CEO at IDNT

The event was started with a speech by Mykola Chumak, CEO at “IDNT”. For over 15 years, he specializes in the development and implementation of retail outlet formats for service providers and banks. “IDNT” company works with customers from the CIS, Eastern Europe, USA. Such brands as Rozetka, Kyivstar, Samsung, Comfy, Nova Poshta, Toyota, Metro Cash & Carry are in his client portfolio. Mykola Chumak is the author and co-author of numerous books, articles.

His topic was “What is the future of retail and its impact on logistics”. Mykola told us in detail about the demands of the retail future for logistics. He said that retail trade is changing rapidly after consumer demand. Buyers require quality service, fast free shipping. Business models of companies become unique, allowing them to buy at any time in a convenient way. Some companies turn into marketplaces, selling not only their goods but hundreds of others. All this creates absolutely new requirements for the organization of logistics. Retailers are forced to become logisticians, and logistics companies – retailers. So how does retail change the logistics industry in the near future?

Andriy Alekseyev at CoreTeka event

Andriy Alekseyev, Head of the Logistics Department of Milk Aliens

Next speech by Andriy Alekseyev (Head of the Logistics Department of “Milk Aliens”) was about how with the help of data exchange, synchronization of accounting systems and accounting of dissatisfied demand to do everything well. He cooperates with all Ukrainian retailers and has 7 years of experience in logistics FMCG, 4 years as head of business analysis and research division, 3 years as logistics director. His topic was “Three isn’t a crowd: retailer, supplier, and innovations”. Andriy proposed to consider the retail from the supplier side. He has spoken about 3 cases: how we can satisfy every member of the retail chain due to data exchange, synchronization of accounting systems and accounting of demand.

Yana Tkachuk at CoreTeka event

Yana Tkachuk, financial director at UVK

The third speaker was Yana Tkachuk, financial director at UVK – leading national logistics operator in Ukraine. She told us about innovations and the importance of outsourcing services in food-retail. There are a lot of benefits: reduction of costs, simplification of work with suppliers, cargo deliveries in any format: ‘roll-cage’, ‘pallet’, etc. Thanks for outsourcing services, retailers can concentrate on his marketing activities, development of a network,  expand retail space and optimize the cost.

We want to thank UNIT.city, our guests and speakers for a great event. See you on Future of Logistics #5 this autumn! Find more about our events on this page.

Photo: UNIT.City