April 27, 2019

Future of Logistics #3: Innovations in E-Commerce delivery

CoreTeka and Unit City were organizers of the third logistics event “Future of Logistics #3. Innovations in E-Commerce delivery”. Three professionals from the e-commerce industry were invited to deal with guests their huge experience and to become speakers for more than 100 visitors. Be ready for the flow of useful information, which is below 7 million (36%) from 20 million Internet users in Ukraine who buy goods online regularly. The operator’s company’s profit was 2.6 billion from the delivery of goods that were purchased online last year. The e-commerce market is growing by 30% annually, accounting for about 4% of retail sales.

Maxim Rabinovich at Coreteka event

Maxim Rabinovich from Ukrposhta

The Future of Logistics insights from top delivery experts

Maxim Rabinovich, Deputy General Director for Business Development of Ukrposhta. He worked at the Concern “NIKO”, PJSC “Kyivenergo”, DTEK companies, and “Nova Poshta”. A great experience in developing powerful players in the logistics market helps Maxim to generate the key message: “Innovation is an implemented novation that provides a qualitative increase in the efficiency of processes or products that is demanded by the market”. On the experience of UkrPoshta, the presentation outlined how to achieve maximum results with minimum resources.

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Evgenii Glazov at Coreteka event

Evgenii Glazov, Director of Logistics Development ROZETKA

Evgenii Glazov, Director of Logistics Development ROZETKA. Eugenii is an expert with extensive experience in constructing and optimizing logistics processes. Developed and optimized logistics processes for such companies as Rozetka.ua, Kasta.ua, Novaya Poshta, and Postman. During his speech, he noted that free delivery maximizes profit for e-commerce companies and the tracking function of your application minimizes costs.

Evgeniya Bereza at Coreteka event

Evgeniya Bereza, Project Manager for ZAMMLER GROUP

Evgeniya Bereza, Project Manager for ZAMMLER GROUP. Her experience in warehouse logistics is over 5 years. She has done more than 10 successful cases in the portfolio of projects implemented for e-commerce over the past six months. She said that fulfillment is the basis of online stores working because it generates satisfied customers, which in turn increases sales.

The role of Coreteka in the Future of Logistics #3 event

CoreTeka’s CEO Alex Isachenko was a moderator of the event. Alex is an expert in logistics and has been working with logistics companies for the optimization and automation of business processes for more than 4 years within the framework of CoreTeka. All these professionals have the conclusion that innovations and logistics should work in symbiosis, especially in the business environment of Ukraine.

Photos are made by UNIT.city