October 21, 2019

Future of Logistics #5: Cargo Innovations

Coreteka and Unit.City brought together the best speakers in logistics – experts from Cargofy, UMT, Lardi-Trans, and Vchasno – to communicate on the topic of cargo innovations. We discussed how to reduce the costs of cargo transportation and make them less damaging to the environment. In the end, we will know how real it is to make cargo transportation less costly and more ecologically safe.

Igor Boyko at CoreTeka event

Igor Boiko at CoreTeka event

Telematic insights from UMT

Igor Boiko, commercial director at UMT and expert in telematics, started the fifth event in the series of Future of Logistics and explained why it’s important to integrate telematics into the field of commercial transport. Igor has already been helping many companies to integrate telematics into their work since 2013. From his expertise, he can tell that in the future telematics will be integrated into the work of all transport companies. Now, however, he can tell that 90% of companies that use telematics use only 5% of its possibilities. Also, in his speech, he highlighted the importance of ecologically safe transportation and predicted that soon all companies will have to worry about tracking transportation of their goods.

Dmytro Karazhanov at CoreTeka event

Dmytro Karazhanov at CoreTeka event

Tech product management insights from Lardi-Trans

Young companies have already understood how important it is to present innovative products and services. We invited Dmytro Karazhanov, Product Manager and Digital Strategist at Lardi-Trans, to share his company’s experience. Lardi-Trans is one of the biggest Ukrainian IT projects that works on making logistics more modern and comfortable for the customers of the XXI century. It provides solutions like GPS monitoring, real-time search for free cargo, and a website about logistics and freight. Lardi-Trans is not going to stop developing new and innovative systems in the logistics business which was long in need of something fresh.

Moreover, Coreteka and Lardi-Trans are planning to combine efforts and a present new system of the search for cargo contractors. This system is intended to make the search for contractors easier and faster. Retailers will save their money and time, and also they will be sure of every contract as the system will keep a close eye on the fraud. They would be able to manage their orders and see where their goods are at the moment.

Stakn Vozniak at CoreTeka event

Stakh Vozniak at CoreTeka event

Cargo processes digitalization insights from Cargofy

You will hardly find business processes that are not digitized now. Cargo is not one of them. Stakh Vozniak, CEO of Cargofy, shared the experience of his company in making the cargo processes digital. Cargofy is a company that helps cargo transporters find goods to deliver and companies choose reliable drivers. C. H. Robinson, J. B. Hunt, Post Everywhere, Interpipe, CocaCola, Omega, Chumak, Heineken, and Biosphera already use their services. Cargofy is developing an application, using which you can not only order cargo transportation but also get an instant price calculation and choose from thousands of transporters. The digitalization of all business spheres is inevitable, so it is not long until all companies acquire the application to give their customers a more comfortable order process.

Anton Skokov at CoreTeka event

Anton Skokov at CoreTeka event

Document management insights from Vchasno

Anton Skokov, CEO of Vchasno, explained the importance of making transportation more optimized and organized. The main part of any business is to be more successful and arrange the right administration of documents. At Vchasno all document exchange happens online and that makes every deal faster, which in the consequence makes all work faster. Exchange of documents online solves many problems that businesses have to deal with daily: loss of important documents, speed of getting documents, and loss of money because of the slow organizational processes.

Wrapping up

Future of Logistics events continue to share the innovations that are already happening in the business or will happen in the near future. Now we know that very soon all companies will want to make their work more digitized, optimize the exchange of important documents, and integrate telematics into their work. All of these processes already make the logistics business more modern and with many young companies coming into the market, who knows what innovations in logistics we will hear about tomorrow.

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Photo: UNIT.City