March 30, 2023

How Chat GPT Impacts the IT Development Market

How Chat GPT Impacts the IT Development Market - 6

With the overwhelming digitalization, industries are getting smarter than ever. The AI market is projected to reach $407 billion by 2027, with the fundamental driving forces being data-based AI advancements, deep learning, and natural language processing.

The specific type of AI that has undermined the overall impression of what a technology can do is Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). Chat GPT enables personalized conversations based on user input. Pre-trained on a tremendous amount of data, it has collected a massive knowledge base, which it can use for generating responses. What’s most exciting about this technology is that it composes human-like texts and can perform various natural language processing tasks.

Chat GPT and other similar solutions, such as Copilot by GitHub, continually evolve and acquire even more amazing features. Therefore, they have immense potential and can be applied across industries.

What effect will AI-empowered solutions have on the IT sector? Are they going to transcend human capabilities or merely complement them? Let’s zoom in on the technology opportunities to find the answers.

The revolutionary power of NLP

Simply put, NLP enables communication between computers and humans using natural language. It’s the branch of computer science that deals with human language processing and teaches machines to extract information from written or spoken text.

The recent advancements in this sphere promise to turn the processes in many industries, including IT, upside-down. 

This technology typically performs better than humans in data-driven decision-making assignments. Cognitive and creative tasks have been better accomplished by people. Up until recently, however, when language-based AI has altered the common perception of what technology can do.

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Guided by human instructions, AI now successfully performs such cognitive tasks as writing articles, creating artworks, and generating computer programs.

Admittedly, the most renowned natural language processing tool is GPT-4 by OpenAI.

The latest GPT model have triggered tectonic changes in the AI world. These language processing models feature enhanced performance compared to existing neural network architectures and remarkable scale. GPT-4 can perform translation, text summarization, and other assignments with greater versatility and adaptability. Software solutions trained through this technology will be able to identify users’ intentions accurately, even if a human error occurs in the instructions.

Furthermore, GPT-4 is forecasted to continue affecting the software development industry. Engineers can obtain significant help from AI during the code writing for new software programs. The model has the potential to automate repetitive manual programming tasks, construct code from natural language input, and even create video games based on human instructions.

These capabilities of AI are expected to revolutionize how programmers perform their jobs. Obviously, AI-powered tools possess the necessary logic and critical skills to outpace many human programmers. But will they? That’s a good question.

Chat GPT and Copilot: How will AI impact application development?

Once we’ve introduced the revolutionary implementations of NLP, it’s time to focus on the two game-changing products in the IT industry.

Chat GPT impact on the IT sector 

Initially developed for customer care, Chat GPT uses a deep learning algorithm to understand the context of a dialog and deliver an appropriate response. The system can learn and analyze human language and sentiment to generate natural reactions. Also, read our article about AI in Logistics and Supply Chain.

Essentially, Сhat GPT is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. Based on a language model, the chat continually evolves to provide human-like conversations.  

The ChatGPT impact on software development is tremendous. What specific benefits does it bring to IT specialists?

  • Generates codes

Chat GPT is a mighty tool for developers as it can understand and interpret engineers’ needs by employing its NLP skills. As a result, the solution can generate the appropriate code snippets. The tool is also efficient with recurrent tasks or boilerplate code, saving programmers tons of time. 

  • Creates documentation

Developers usually put much effort into working out comprehensive documentation for their code. Chat GPT can accurately generate documents specifying the requirements. Furthermore, the tool can present documentation in various forms according to the developer’s needs.

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  • Writes test cases

Engineers can employ Chat GPT to write test cases and test case documentation. Since the tool can understand code’s logic and structure, it can write test cases covering various code paths and edge cases. Besides, it can generate precise and laconic descriptions of the test cases, comprising the test inputs, expected results, and conditions for their success or failure. Ultimately, even developers without testing knowledge can promptly update the provided test cases.

  • Identify bugs

Chat GPT is a beneficial tool for finding bugs. It can explore a piece of code, suggest specific actions for tracking down and correcting bugs, and improve the code’s overall readability, sustainability, and security. Therefore, developers can deliver more efficient, safe, and maintainable code.

  • Perform software localization

Localization of project’s updates is an indispensable component of product development and improvement. If the process is appropriately established, managers will save a great deal of time and effort. ChatGPT impact on software localization is immense, as it handles the translation procedures without human interference.  

  • Develops project backlog

IT companies can leverage GPT Chat in business agility and scrum. Specifically, the tool can create a list of tasks and goals and prioritize them according to their significance and value to the project.  

Сopilot by GitHub

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Copilot is an AI-powered cloud-based tool that assists programmers by offering autocomplete-style suggestions as they are making the code. Specifically, developers can get recommendations when they are composing the code or creating a natural language explanation of what they want the code to do.

Copilot learns the context from the document a programmer is editing and the related documents and makes the respective suggestions. Copilot’s features also enable engineers to handle unfamiliar coding frameworks and languages by minimizing users’ time studying documentation.

What’s down the road?

Considering the incredible opportunities of AI, the technology is poised to change businesses in ways that are difficult to forecast. The use of artificial intelligence for development is impressive, and the technology is continually acquiring more remarkable features. How will nanotechnology and artificial intelligence impact the development of future computers? Will technological progress eventually transcend human capabilities? These and many other related questions disturb the IT society and challenge the future path of IT professionals.

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Meanwhile, solutions like ChatGPT may seem to be already superseding humans. Today, intelligent models are able to successfully perform basic programming assignments, such as developing boilerplate classes, applying algorithms, constructing simple web forms, and processing data. Let’s list the fundamental outcomes for the professionals involved in the IT sector.

  • AI may take over the time-consuming, repetitive processes that have been mostly performed by lower-level software developers.
  • Tools like ChatGPT and Copilot will enable business analysts, designers, and other people with no technical experience to do certain simple programming tasks themselves.
  • Knowledgeable software developers with a comprehensive understanding of software engineering, architectures, algorithms, operating systems, etc., will likely remain in high demand.

Generally, professionals exercising continual self-improvement will likely maintain their roles and expand opportunities. Reaffirming human transcendence, experienced software developers are able to effectively harness AI breakthroughs to serve other people and businesses in accomplishing their goals.

Frequently asked questions about AI impact software development market

🔴 How will AI and Chat GPT change the way software development is done?

Chat GPT and technologies enabled by AI can perform routine and repetitive jobs in software development, saving precious time for IT specialists. They are not likely to supersede software engineers but rather effectively complement their work. By taking part of the burden off the developers’ shoulders, AI technologies will optimize processes, increase productivity, and eliminate human errors. 

⚫ What are some ways that AI and Chat GPT can help developers streamline their work?

AI technologies and Chat GPT can do numerous recurrent jobs without human interference. Furthermore, they enable people without a technical background to fulfill certain programming tasks independently. Therefore, these tools expedite the processes, reduce human involvement, and provide faster outcomes.

🔴 Can AI and Chat GPT help improve the quality of software products?

By leveraging Chat GPT API technology, IT engineers can streamline software product development. The technology enables developers to make prototypes quickly and test new features before releasing them. This is attainable by conducting code refactoring, code completion, code base and documentation management, and producing code snippets. In the product development process, ChatGPT can deliver efficient guidance from start to finish.

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