April 14, 2023

Meet Coreteka at the LogiMAT Trade Fair 2023

Meet Coreteka at the LogiMAT Trade Fair 2023 - 6

Logistics conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs are great ways to find business optimization solutions, explore new supply chain challenges, share your experience, and opt for technology partners. That’s why Coreteka frequently participates in such events worldwide. For us, logistics meetings become a source of inspiration where we can understand what solutions and technologies can be valuable for clients and share our expertise.

In 2023, the Coreteka team will attend several logistics-related conferences, and LogiMAT Messe is one of them.

Coreteka at LogiMAT Trade Fair 2023

LogiMAT is an annual international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management. It is known as the largest logistics trade fair in Europe and attracts a significant number of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Here, logistics and supply chain professionals can find valuable insights into managing material and information flows with technologies. In 2023, LogiMAT will take place in Stuttgart, Germany. The trade fair is planned to be held on the 25-27 April, in Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre.

This year, the Coreteka team will also be at LogiMAT 2023 as a visitor. We’re going to share our approaches to building intralogistics solutions with technology and extend our network of partners.

What questions can you discuss with our team at LogiMAT 2023?

Coreteka puts special emphasis on API integrations since it’s a crucial part of intralogistics. This allows companies to build software systems that are able to communicate with each other and exchange data in real time. You can ask us any questions related to WMS, ERP, CRM, TMS, or marketplace integrations. Moreover, it’s possible to discuss specific integration technologies, such as EDI, AI, RFID, and IoT.

The Coreteka team is also proficient in developing custom solutions like Transport Management Systems, driver tracking apps, transportation calculators, and so on. If you need similar solutions, you can discuss any logistics project peculiarities with us.

Meet Coreteka at the LogiMAT Trade Fair 2023 - 8

Book a meeting with the Coreteka team at LogiMAT Messe 2023

If you’re eager to share and gather different visions about logistics technologies, let’s talk! We would be happy to find like-minded people who are engaged in digital processes at the LogiMAT trade fair. This year, Andriy Bespalov, our Co-Founder and COO, and Serhii Tunik, our Co-Founder and Head of Production, will take part in the conference. To ensure a casual conversation, you can write them directly through LinkedIn before the exhibition. We would love to hear more about your company and talk about tech logistics solutions. See you at LogiMAT 2023!