March 04, 2022

Coreteka on Clutch: Custom Software for Logistics, Retail and Agrifood

Coreteka on Clutch: Custom Software for Logistics, Retail and Agrifood - 6

Coreteka has been providing its custom software development services since 2016. More than 50 software engineers, business analysts, project and marketing managers, designers are engaged in our team. Coreteka focuses on Retail, Logistics, and Agrifood domains, as we share deep expertise in these markets. Moreover, we also offer services and solutions like web and mobile apps development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, QA testing, UI/UX design, Business Analysis, Custom Integrations, DevOps, and more. 

Coreteka’s offices are located in Ukraine (Kyiv and Mykolaiv) and in the USA (Irvine, California). While working remotely, our team delivers projects to countries all over the world. We’ve already successfully implemented projects such as Transport Management System, Retail Loyalty App, Machine Learning Analytics Tool for traders, Big Data Forecasting Tool for our clients. Learn more about our case studies. 

Our team has positive feedback on Clutch, as an independent B2B review and rating platform. 

Cooperation model at Coreteka 

As managers at Coreteka have relevant business expertise, our team holds to a stance any software has to deal with business challenges, but not be just a piece of code. That’s why we aim at a profound understanding of our client’s problems and offer solutions to upgrade its business processes. 

There are 7 steps before starting a project with the Coreteka team: 

  1. Sending request us a request. 
  2. Identifying business needs and technical specifications with our innovation manager. 
  3. Discussing and looking for solutions with the software engineers team. 
  4. Evaluating project rates and duration. 
  5. Preparing a customer proposal. 
  6. Contract signing and reception prepayment. 
  7. Project starting. 

We respect our clients and approach their issues resolving thoughtfully. Customers have their vision on what solution they need. For example, a client comes to us with a request for mobile app development. We analyze his website and other activities and understand that it is better to make a responsive design of his website than to develop a mobile app. As technology experts, we look at this situation from a different angle. Drawing on our experience and expertise, we explain why our solution is more beneficial in this situation. 

Delivering technical expertise

Our target audience is enterprises and mid-sized businesses. These are companies that aim to digitize their business processes and reduce their cost by using innovations. We don’t promise our customers that we can develop software solutions for any domain. It’s impossible to be productive everywhere. It’s much more effective to do what you do best. Our specificity is Logistics, Retail, AgriFood. In these domains, we have much experience and engage the best experts to solve our customer’s issues most competently.

For logistics companies, we can develop GPS tracking systems to control and manage their drivers. We offer retailers loyalty programs development. In the AgriFood domain, we use technologies to optimize agricultural operations. These are only some examples of solutions that we can provide. To find out what Coreteka can offer specifically to your company, talk to our specialists.

To promote our company, share experience, and increase customer awareness, we organize educational and business events in Kyiv and Mykolaiv. Coreteka is a member of the Ukrainian Logistics Community, Kyiv IT Cluster, Kyiv Logistics School, and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. We also participate in Ukrainian international trade shows, fairs, and conferences to get valuable experience from partners all over the world and advertise our name. 

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What clients on Clutch say about Coreteka team 

Last year, Coreteka debuted on Clutch. We’re grateful to our partners for promoting our brand on this platform. As of writing, we’ve already earned three top-quality reviews that highlight deep expertise and working experience in our domains.

There is some feedback on cooperation with us from our customers — Alltech E-C02, Wiima Logistics Oy, and TotalEnergies SE. Check out what they had to say about our team:

“The Coreteka team is a very hardworking group of people, and also very personable. I prefer to work with a team that is both professional and affable.”

— Ben Braou, Business General Manager of Alltech E-CO2

“Their customer-centric attitude is the most impressive. Coreteka can figure out new solutions because they don’t think in a traditional way. They’ve helped us in many problematic situations.”

— Jarno Kuronen, Project Manager of Wiima Logistics Oy

“Despite the hard complexity of issues, they’ve never answered they have no idea how to solve them; They always try to help and the price is affordable.”

— Innovations & Regional Sales Manager, TotalEnergies SE

It’s only been three months since we’ve debuted on the platform, yet we’ve already been highlighted on Top Design Firms because of our clients’ great reviews. B2B listing site, Top Design Firms took into account client feedback and case studies for their research; and just recently, they named Coreteka as one of the leading app development companies from Ukraine. 

We deeply appreciate that industry experts are noticing our efforts. Our team thanks all our partners, especially those who’ve already given us their amazing reviews. We look forward to gaining traction on the platform and unlocking more opportunities ahead.

Interested in cooperation with Coreteka? Find out what the Coreteka team can do for you! Send us a message and let us know how we can help you.

On 24 February 2022, the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine, winding up with the full-scale war. Coreteka was established in Ukraine and our team will stay here even in these dark times for our country. Our software engineers, project, sales and marketing managers, business analysts, designers, and founders are fully engaged both in commercial and voluntary projects to support the Ukrainian economy and help our motherland resist. However, we still need your assistance. Our team doesn’t ask for any donations. But let us do what we do the best. We desire to develop software for our clients and be engaged in commercial projects for other countries. So, if you or your acquaintances have projects for our team, contact us. It will be your contribution to Ukraine. Let’s fight against Russian aggression together.