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YChamp. Mobile app - activity tracker

Project Main Goals

Project Main Goals

YChamp is a platform for virtual sports competitions and an activity-tracking application. The system analyzes user physical activity to suggest the competitions with the participants of the alike activity level. One doesn't have to be a pro to bear a palm! Set the daily goals, exceed them, and track the results!


Get motivated by comparing current results with previous ones, and reach new heights. Analyze your progress and strive for more. You just need to fill out the profile and select the activity. The application will record the distance covered and show your progress.

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Team members: [ 7 ]

Months: [ 4 ]

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Project Overview

Creating a tool for collective competitions with prize funds, distributed between the winners and may be supplemented by participants or external sponsors. Automatically recording the distance covered due to synchronization with tracking devices, as well as Apple Health and Google Fit.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

The main challenge is developing a mobile application for tracking all activities: running, walking, swimming, cycling and integrating in-app payment systems for competitions.

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Identify the Problem & Solutions


  • Fake user activity data


  • Using smartphone sensors (Google Fit and Apple health database) for activity tracking
  • Creating a unique tool for massive competitions and prize funds splitting



YChamp - fitness app - 10



Sponsor is the persona organising the competition, providing funding for it, and taking decisions on configuration and amount of prize money

YChamp - fitness app - 12



The user who downloaded and installed the application on their mobile device

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Producing a light-n-bright design with the user-friendly interface provoking to use the application on a regular basis.

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Project Features

Project Features

Activity Details

Activity Details

YChamp leaderboard is about fair-play - anyone can get on top of the leaderboard! The main criteria are speed and covered distance. All that's needed is action and regularity!

YChamp - fitness app - 22
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In the “YChamp” design a triple-color-gradient concept was used. Red and orange were selected as the major colors to shape an association with an active lifestyle, positive vibes, and speed.

Bright Gradients

A visual concept of the gradients’ appearance was developed to fit the common brand style

YChamp - fitness app - 26

Typography we used

Font developed by IBM was selected for use under two text styles – Regular and Bold.

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YChamp - fitness app - 30

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