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Project Main Goals

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Project Main Goals

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[ Moment ]

[ React Native ]

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[ Sketch ]

The development of the application with the live data feed, used as the input for advancing machine-learning-oriented ecosystem. The app provides the platform users with an intraday equity curve from inception, a Score highlighting a traders Skill component, assists traders with decision-making on investments based on sustainable talent, mentorship, and coaching program, using its algorithm to measure behavioral change.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

During the BA stage for this project, the perfect engine for Machine Learning, which predicts the performance of a trader by understanding the skill, risk, behavior, and history profile was defined.

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Unsatisfied users

  • There are not enough a data-driven, corrective suggestions that helps users make more income from trades.
  • The lack of a unique algorithm that predicts trader performance


  • Developing a visually powerful, informative intraday statistics, syncronized with several sources.
  • Machine learning that unleashes the power of the community.



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He is engaged in the buying and selling of financial assets in the financial market, either for himself or on behalf of another person.

PsyQuation - 12


Serves as a trusted agent or intermediary in commercial negotiations or transactions.

Visual Design

Visual Design

PsyQuation - 16

Our team created a simple and user-friendly design which simplifies the work of traders and brokers

Project Features

Project Features

Developing a quantitative and behavioral tool for stock and forex traders as well as business intelligence for brokers CRM.



Investor or Trader can use their email, Facebook or Twitter account to register and log in. It’s the easiest way to become a PsyQuation member and registration is quickly done.

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User account

User account

In this section, the user can add or create AXI and MT4 accounts, or change passwords, broker or investor, and monitor his own statistics.

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User portfolio

User portfolio

PsyQuation analytics provides users with an opinion and research-based advice: continuously update and learn as more data about all their accounts in application. Easy to use application interface saving time and gives all necessary information in a few seconds.

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PsyQuation - 24


PsyQation has a simple design with pleasant dark colors. Our designers created a modern and easy-to-use interface which helps brokers or investors be more effective.

We chose a color palette

To embrace the futuristic mood of the app’s general visual style, we chose a color palette which, as you can see, includes dark blue and dark purple as well as mild glow effects.

PsyQuation - 26

We chose a typography

According to NDA, we cannot provide 3rd parties with the name of the font, however, we defined several fonts and chose the most famous by users.

PsyQuation - 28

Development Solutions

Development Solutions

Development of Android app to control the personnel for the leader of Ukrainian tobacco industry - Philip Morris Ukraine.Development of Android app to control the personnel

PsyQuation - 30

[ BA ]

SRS was created according to the IEEE 830 practice (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

PsyQuation - 32 PsyQuation - 34

[ UX Design ]

We understand that the quality and success of the product depends on the experience user acquires after using it. Our UX specialists know how to make the product people will want to come back to.

PsyQuation - 36 PsyQuation - 38

[ UI Design ]

Nothing makes application harder to forget than a unique design. Design for the application was made with aim for its visitors to never leave.

PsyQuation - 40

[ Language ]

Using Java allowed our customer to easier find developers for the future fine-tunings of the product.

PsyQuation - 42

[ Database ]

We are concerned about the security of your data. That’s why we are always determined to keep your information in the safe place

PsyQuation - 44

[ Networking ]

We supported the launch of the application on it’s every stage and provided all necessary information for users.

PsyQuation - 46



Users can monitor detailed statistics and observe other accounts with league tables, diagrams, PsyQuation Score and performance rates. This information helps to be more effective and analyze competitors and personal activity. There's no need to worry about information security, users' personal data and other details are secure.

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