October 30, 2020

Transport Management Systems: Which Do You Choose?

Transport Management Systems: Which Do You Choose? - 6

The modern world is all about digitalization. Naturally, one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world – transportation – couldn`t be left aside.
Transport Management System (or TMS) is a significant part of the supply chain management. It’s a logistic platform designed to optimize the process of moving goods.
Transport Management Systems usually include planning (selecting the best type of transportation, route, number of vehicles, etc.) and execution (monitoring the whole way of transportation). TMS helps to reduce costs, gives you business insights based on your data, overall simplifies and improves your transportation.

Here is the list of the best Transport Management Systems:

  1. CoreTeka TMS;
  2. Oracle Transportation Management;
  3. SAP TM;
  4. Kubeix;
  5. BluJay.

CoreTeka TMS

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CoreTeka TMS is a platform for customers, carriers, and recipients, that gives them all necessary information related to the cargo. The platform allows you to control and reduce the risk of untimely goods delivery, and also automates the processes of creating applications for transportation and choosing a carrier.

You can use a pre-saved application or create a new one with unique parameters. CoreTeka TMS has all of the basic TMS features, such as control over document flow, route optimization, cargo tracking, and many more, including some tools for warehouse management.
It also is a good fit for railway transportation, as it has wagon management. The database of all active objects allows you to speed up and simplify work with the system.
In addition, CoreTeka can help to solve the empty mileage problem and reduce CO2 emission.

Oracle Transportation Management

Oracle is the second-largest independent software vendor in the world and one of the biggest enterprise software manufacturers. Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) is only one part of the whole company`s assortment.

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OTM has the widest range of functions in the market and manages all transportation activities, fitting both shippers and logistic providers.
But with the size comes the price. OTM has the highest price in the market, so it mostly fits medium and enterprise companies.

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SAP is a well-known multinational corporation, being the largest European software vendor, specialized in enterprise solutions and best known for its ERP.
SAP TM is a stand-alone system, although it would be more efficient to integrate it with other SAP products (ERP, Warehouse Management, etc).
One of its interesting features is automatic load planning, which optimizes the creation of a load plan taking into account capacity restrictions in terms of the height, width, and length of the loading space as well as the weight. Most of the other features are typical for Transport Management Systems. SAP TM also comes at a high price.

Kuebix TMS
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Opposite to Oracle and SAP, Kuebix primarily focuses on TMS.
Kuebix TMS is a fully cloud-based modular platform that suits companies of all sizes. As the main advantage, Kuebix` developers name its broad carrier network containing national and international carriers and every kind of transportation.
The team has developed integrations with all of the major carriers. One more thing that can be a major benefit – you can get a version of Kuebix TMS for free (without some of the features available in other versions). Although Kuebix seems like a good choice, its usage outside of the US is limited.

BluJay TMS

BluJay TMS is one of the industry’s first multi-tenant, cloud-based platforms. Since the founding in 1999 BlueJay has developed the largest supply chain network in the world.
The platform has a number of logistics applications for different purposes: Transportation Management for Shippers, Forwarders, LCP Platform, Parcel solution, etc.
BluJay promises you full control of where your shipments are – even in the yard. Apart from the software, the company offers Managed Transportation Service – a team of logistics professionals ready to improve your business.
Final thoughts
To sum up, there are a number of criteria you should consider when choosing between different Transport Management Systems:

  • The size of your company;
  • Budget;
  • Modes of transport you use;
  • Location.

All in all, whether you choose an enterprise vendor or a smaller company (or even decide to develop TMS for yourself) is entirely up to you.

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