January 03, 2019

FuckUpMeetup: whose fault is it and what to do?

The summer of 2018 was marked by a series of captivating events, and to add to the excitement, CoreTeka hosted its inaugural event in Mykolaiv. This unique meetup was dedicated to discussing the common and sometimes unavoidable phenomenon in the IT world – project mishaps. After all, who in the IT industry hasn’t encountered their fair share of project challenges?

At this engaging gathering, Alex Isachenko, the CEO of CoreTeka, and Maxim Tudoi, an Engineering Consultant from GlobalLogic, generously shared their wealth of experience and invaluable insights regarding project management.

Insights from our CEO

Alex Isachenko took center stage to address the primary causes of crisis situations and shed light on effective strategies to minimize stress throughout the project lifecycle. Learning from your past blunders is a surefire way to pave a smoother path forward.

Insights from the engineering consultant

Maxim Tudoi, on the other hand, delved into the world of outsourcing risks, the untapped potential for delivering projects without hiccups, and the diverse perspectives team members bring to the project table. Maxim’s deep dive into these critical aspects offered attendees a fresh perspective on project management.

Sweet meeting ending

Following these enlightening presentations, attendees had the chance to network, forging connections and sharing experiences. And, to add a sweet note to the event, delectable treats were on hand – a perfect way to ease the bitterness of past project setbacks and embrace the wisdom gained from discussing and learning from those very “fuckups.”

Event page: https://goo.gl/rwLBw5

Photos: https://goo.gl/18qq2h

Stay tuned! More updates soon 😉