April 30, 2021

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 6

Due to an increase in safety awareness in the food industry, supply chain traceability acquired great importance in the last few years. It can track all processes: from procurement to production, consumption and disposal of products.

Coreteka analysed Retail App Trends in mobile e-commerce markets in the previous article, and is starting to study traceability adopters in the agriculture field.

Product traceability system is considered as a risk management tool that can be used as evidence for consumers and distributors to verify a process of manufacture. It provides opportunities to meet all regulatory requirements.

Traceability software has been designed to provide the services across a supply chain network. Traceability platform receives information about a particular ingredient or component, batch data, purchase order data, quantity, dimensions, exact location via GPS coordinates, manufacturing details.

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 8

Central benefits of product traceability system implementation:

  • Reduce of outdated products losses and increase of distribution operations effectiveness;
  • Perform a quick traceability check for recalls and preventions;
  • Perform complete audits on the analysis of information.

Traceability system allows the authorities to identify and trace goods with a help of serialisation, assigning unique codes to food products. Barcode readers scan data matrix ID, QR codes, RFID tags and serial numbers. Product’s ID is catched in real time and transferred to a central database. This process provides continuous assurance that goods are authentic.

Description of Traceability Adopters

Traceability solutions started to be mobile wireless in 2021. It is possible to look into every step via smartphone or tablet, and download results to an online data warehouse through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, wireless sensor networks and global positioning systems (GPS).

Coreteka examines several areas, where supply chain traceability has gained popularity. The first is usage of cannabis and legal marijuana. Medical Marijuana Centers sell it in the USA and Canada in compliance with local rules. A person with diseases like Cancer, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, AIDS, Parkinson’s etc. may get the prescribed dose.

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 10

Blockchain and Seed-to-Sale Traceability help assemble and manage all data systematically. For example, TruTrace Technologies in Canada tracks sales of marijuana with hyperledger blockchain solutions. Also read about supply chain management.

Second one is the coffee business. Roasters, blenders, shippers, exporters, importers and retailers participate in that process. Traceability system allows collect data, analyse the samples and control quality.

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 12

Starbucks has implemented a 100% trackable supply chain for their trading. IBM Blockchain designed the Farmer Connect traceability platform that works with worldwide traders of coffee as Beyers, Rabobank, Sucafina and Yara.

Important factors, which the consumers consider, are organic, non-GMO, gluten free, cage-free, no added hormones or steroids indicators. Enterprises that merchandise in bulk deliveries of corn and quinoa are performing supply chain traceability, which prevents poor warehousing and spoilage of products.

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 14

For instance, Solid Food, a quinoa producer, implements biofuel and 100% traceability solutions for control of quality. Farmers can track the approximate time of harvest, any disease, production details with real-time transmission.

Selling of salmon, tuna or canned seafood is increasing, so blockchain traceability helps ensure the safety measures. The clients desire to know if the fish is legally obtained, therefore the product traceability system even tracks the titles of the vessels and dates of the trips.

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 16

Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) and Global Tuna Alliance usually monitor compliance with global guidelines.

EY Skye has created a blockchain solution for salmon tracking with a cloud platform. The suppliers of Alaska Seafood are also complying to important laws, guiding food manufacturers.

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 18

To counter sophistications in the pharmaceutical industry, a traceability platform checks the orders, their prices and deliveries time.

To distinguish expensive foodstuff from duplicates, India’s honey is being screened for forgery and presence of antibiotics when exporting. Agrotechnical company Edete uses artificial pollination method and proposes it as a service to other companies.

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 20

Summarizing, organizations that protect brand quality are able to access:

  • Origination of components;
  • Production lifecycle;
  • Inspection notes;
  • Destinations.

Modern solutions such as supply chain traceability and digitalization in the agriculture and food industry provide realization of transparent operations to the clients.

5 Early Traceability Adopters 2021 - 22

A sustainable food system is the one that delivers food security. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations tries to digitize the food industry. SourceTrace has already executed traceability projects that have affected over 10,000 farmers.

Coreteka strives to adopt innovative traceability solutions in agriculture. With an increase in quality indicators and more complex customer demands, the traceability system is developing into a fundamental element for any business in the food supply chain.

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