October 16, 2020

Best Android Driver Scoring App List for Truck Drivers

Best Android Driver Scoring App List for Truck Drivers - 6

Choosing the best Android driver scoring app for trucking business is a difficult task, especially when there are so many. And, even knowing the top driver applications for Android, you still might need specific features that are missing.

Learn of the best Android driver scoring apps on the market and see how they can take trucking transportation delivery to a whole new level.

  1. DriverApp by Coreteka
  2. TruckerPath
  3. KeepTruckin
  4. Transflo Mobile
  5. Fuelbook and GasBuddy
  6. CoPilot Truck GPS and Waze

Keep reading to check the key best driver app application features.


Highly trained professionals at Coreteka developed DriverApp mobile application for the transportation company that can speed up information exchange between driver and dispatch.

Driver tracking app for the transportation company was made for the internal courier delivery service to accomplish next functions:

  • to control the personnel;
  • to decrease the amount of accidents among truck drivers;
  • to control the targeted delivery of cargo to customers and optimize the routes and logistics operations;
  • to know the exact time of the vehicle arrival and its location at all times;
  • to make all necessary information about new assignments available for a driver with just “one touch”.

The Coreteka team provides effective solutions for every problem by customizing the backend and overall performance.
For example, if а dispatch needs to call a driver several times per trip and get his location, an application will transmit data to TMS in real-time.

If a driver has to call a dispatch and check all the details about current stop and address, all information for the driver will be operated and structurised in the application interface.

Best Android Driver Scoring App List for Truck Drivers - 8

Coreteka is determined to keep all data in the safe place: Trip List and Navigation, Stop and Delivery details, Personal Аccount. They used the Java programming language for this project with Kotlin and PostgreSQL technologies, Google Maps and GPS.

To understand the full picture of available truck driver apps in the world, we will observe with you 4 more popular apps for Android software. There are several useful management tools for scheduling the loads and traffic conditions.

Trucker Path

Best Android Driver Scoring App List for Truck Drivers - 10

One more popular mobile application for truck drivers is Trucker Path. It allows you to find nearby restaurants and hotels, locate low-clearance bridges and weigh stations.

With Truckstop locator and Fuel Station locator, an app will show the nearest weigh stations and scales, fuel stations, parking locations where you can park overnight in an unknown city. It includes more than 7,000 truck stops in the United States and Canada.

Trucker Path saves your navigation history and has a Trip Planner option for comfortable routes. You can chat with other drivers in the Truck Drivers’ forum, apply for truck driving jobs and even search for trucks for sale. Also read about innovations in logistics.


KeepTruckin, as one of the best Android drivers scoring apps, can connect the trucking fleets to their dispatchers and send the location at any given time.

KeepTruckin is one of the most reliable electronic logging devices for smartphones. This app has the highest rated ELD system which is used by over 500,000 drivers. It has various innovative features like Vehicle Inspection report, Proactive Violation alerts, document management and messaging functions, etc.

In case of accidents, this application helps understand who is actually accountable for the crash. Along with tracking, it allows to automate IFTA fuel tax reporting and keep up on maintenance.

Transflo Mobile

Best Android Driver Scoring App List for Truck Drivers - 12

Transflo Mobile is one of the best mobile scanning apps in the trucking industry. Since drivers are sending their paperwork via smartphones, this app allows them to submit necessary documents for billing, collect signatures, and be paid faster with this program. After the payment comes through, the Transflo Mobile app notifies the driver.

The application also sends an alert when approaching a weigh station, and shows the fuel stops and rest areas whereabouts. It is possible to chat with a carrier, dispatcher, or broker through this app.

If you receive a load, you have an option to reject or accept it. Once you arrive at your destination, you can confirm pick up delivery. Also you can send photos via this app when reporting an accident to carriers.

Fuelbook and GasBuddy

Best Android Driver Scoring App List for Truck Drivers - 14

Trying to determine whether the fuel prices in front of you are the best, or if gas is cheaper ten miles down the road? Technology today can answer many of these questions.

With Fuelbook app the truck drivers see all the truck stops and their fuel prices. It helps to find the best diesel fuel prices at more than 7,000 truck stops within the United States and Canada. In other words, you just need to set the route and check out the truck stops with the lowest fuel prices. Along with fuel prices, the app also helps drivers find repair shops and roadside assistance services.

Best Android Driver Scoring App List for Truck Drivers - 16

GasBuddy is a user interface that allows truckers to share the cheapest fuel prices across the United States. This app gives a description of the fuel stop, as the search results are sorted by price, brand, location and amenities (like restaurants and restrooms). Program has a database of more than 150,000 fuel stations across North America.

CoPilot Truck GPS and Waze

Best Android Driver Scoring App List for Truck Drivers - 18

CoPilot Truck GPS seems like the best delivery route driver reminder app for Android. It calculates the most efficient routes that are based on vehicle and load types, routing parameters. Using the truck’s height, length and weight, the app can find the best road type for the truck by avoiding dangers such as low bridges and truck restricted roads. Real-time traffic information helps to avoid potential delays, get a precise ETA and deliver on time.

You can use the CoPilot GPS app offline, but Waze is only online.

Waze application is perfect to use in the cities, because it offers real-time information about traffic jams, motor vehicle collisions, road closures, police officers and other possible road conditions in Europe and North America. If there are delays on a route, Waze will automatically find a new route to save time. It is also a social networking app that truckers can use to help other drivers find the best routes and fuel prices. Find out more about environmental impact in the article.

There are hundreds of truck driver apps for Android smartphones and tablets, which meet the growing demand from customers. They all are equipped with the latest trends and tools that help accommodate the industry-specific issues, save time and money on the road.
If you’re into trucking transportation business, or simple look for a way to optimize your routes and gasoline expenses, check the apps listed above and see if there are options you need.

If you need a specific application fit for your business purposes, contact Coreteka team, and we’ll gladly create one tailored for you.

Over the years our team of Coreteka has been helping to solve the most complex and unique tasks for clients. Identifying the customer’s needs and gathering business requirements, specialists always create a qualitative product for more efficient business.