May 10, 2019

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 6

Winners of the first Ukrainian hackathon of automotive solutions and transport technologies are decided.

On April 7 – 9, the first Ukrainian hackathon of automotive innovations and transport technologies Coreteka Automotive Hackathon took place in Kyiv Smart City Hub.

The event was attended by over 70 developers from different parts of the country and even the participants from Africa. Of thirteen teams, who presented the ideas at the beginning of the event, ten reached the final.

Under the guidance of experienced mentors, the teams in 48 hours transformed their ideas into concepts of high-quality projects, which are aimed to solve the existing problems in the automotive field. Within 3 days, the event was visited by 200 people interested in technologies for the automotive industry.

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 8

The following people joined a team of hackathon mentors:

  • Dmitriy Bespalov, CEO in А+С Ukraine
  • Tatiana Razumova, Commercial Director in Media group «Autocenter»
  • Eugene Sarantsov, Managing Partner in Technology Companies’ Development Center, Co-Founder / Partner in TradeHub, Partner in BlackBox
  • Eugene Netreba, Associate in CIG
  • Alex Isachenko, CEO and Co-Founder in CoreTeka, CEO in Drivernotes
  • Sergey Lukin, Director of the Center for Retraining and Advanced Studies at the Kyiv Regional State Administration
  • Yuri Nazarov, Head of the Information and Communication Systems and Information Protection Department of the KCC (KCSA) Executive Body, co-facilitator of the initiative Kyiv Smart City, secretary of the expert council
  • Nazar Shimone-Davida, Co-founder in Charging Platform, Co-founder in Carpoint ToU, Co-founder in Tesla Club
  • Alexander Mozoliuk, Creative Director in
  • Oleg Nalivaiko, Engagement Manager in Infopulse Ukraine.

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 10

In the final of the hackathon the teams presented their projects for consideration by the jury which included:

  • Yuri Nazarov, Head of the Information and Communication Systems and Information Protection Department of the KCC (KCSA) Executive Body, co-facilitator of the initiative Kyiv Smart City, secretary of the expert council;
  • Alexander Mozoliuk, Creative Director in
  • Eugene Sarantsov, Managing Partner in Technology Companies’ Development Center, Co-Founder / Partner in TradeHub, Partner in BlackBox;
  • Andrey Khomenko, General Manager of the website;
  • Yuri Revutskiy, Tech Lead in;
  • Mikhail Dorohov, BDM at company “Autohit”;
  • Oleg Nalivaiko, Engagement Manager in Infopulse Ukraine.

After an active discussion, three teams of winners were decided:

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 12

3-rd place – Green Way

The third place was taken by the team of the Green Way project, which abandoned the initial idea on the advice of a mentor and in 48 hours developed a mobile application project that will allow drivers to choose the optimal speed on the road for free passage on a green light. Thus, drivers can not only save their time but also fuel costs.
The representative of KCSA Yuri Nazarov promised the team full support in the implementation of this project.

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 14

2-rd place- Dwiwy
The second place was taken by the team of the Dwiwy project, which also presented a mobile application that enables drivers to exchange in advance information on unplanned maneuvers while driving. The team’s project provides a unique option, namely – the creation of an open database of road traffic statistics. Such a big database is not only useful for other projects but will also become an essential information source for programs aimed at improving the level of safety on the roads.

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 16

1st place – Just Car
The winner of the event was the project of the team that formed as a result of the unification of two independent teams, which is unique for the hackathon. Just Car is a mobile application thanks to which driver can receive information about the malfunction of his car.
In analyzing a number of characteristics, such as a list of services provided, equipment specialization, car parts availability, costs, mobile application will help to search for an optimal service station. In addition, with the help of the app, service stations will also have the opportunity to look for potential customers and to get clients’ feedback.

“The first place was occupied by the Just Car team project – a mobile application, thanks to which the driver will be able to get information about the malfunction of his car”

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 18

As a reward, three winning teams received full PR support and 400,000 free advertising displays on online resources of, cards for free coffee and burgers in the WOG Cafe restaurant chain, and the winning team also received a certificate for 3 months of free work in Kyiv Smart City Hub co-working, as well as place in the Startup Alley at the international forum Innovation Market and other useful gifts from the partners of the event.

The guests of the event also appreciated other projects authors’ ideas creativity and work results – among the rewards there were two honored with the audience choice award.

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 20

The project Pick.Me.Up team presented a mobile application for registration of drivers and passengers that will reduce the daily load on the roads, increase the comfort level of passengers moving from the suburbs to the business centers of Kyiv.

The Dragtimes project was also mentioned – a mobile application that will allow organizing street races for owners of sports cars all over the world online.

The projects of the other teams were also interesting for potential investors and users.

The Magic Eye team, which has been operating in South and South-East Africa for 20 years, presented a solution, which reveals existing logistical problems through data processing and analysis. This solution may be of use for the large logistics operators first of all.

An interesting decision was presented to the professional jury by the team Where is my coffee? – a mobile application for passengers, optimizing the work of buffets in intercity trains.

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 22

Another solution for business was presented by the team of the hackathon Car Sharing Ecosystem. The main idea of the project was to create a database of vehicle fleets, which can be rented out by corporate owners to solve various business challenges. Learn about big data for logistics in our article.

SMARTPLACE team developed a project related to automotive subjects for logistics optimization during large broad-scale events. It is an informational navigator of movement that is necessary for the organization of large exhibitions and other large-scale events. The decision is based on the data that the event organizers enter themselves. These data, according to the developers, will temporarily overlap the existing Google Maps.

The KAI VISION team presented its decision last. Its participants developed the technology of “computer vision”, which gives the driver all the necessary information about the objects located on the road.

Coreteka organized Automotive Hackathon - 24

CoreTeka Automotive Hackathon gathered specialists of various fields interested in automotive subjects to develop high-quality Ukrainian products that will be able to gain a competitive advantage in the international market.

The event was organized with the support of the General Sponsor the largest IT Company in Ukraine Infopulse, which provides services for the entire life cycle of IT systems and telecom infrastructure support services.

The sponsor of coffee and snacks was a unique chain of restaurant-type establishments WOG Cafe. “Naikavovisha kava” (from the standard American regular coffee to the finest flat white) and a huge variety of different dishes (from traditional hot dogs to unique gastronomic specialties). Also read about retail task management software.

The sponsor of the parties was the company “Persha Privatna Brovarnya”, which is one of the four beer market leaders in Ukraine.