September 29, 2020

CoreTeka Evolves: Online Workshops Go On During Pandemic

CoreTeka Evolves: Online Workshops Go On During Pandemic - 6

Covid-19 has slowed down social life, but we do our best to give new opportunities for learning at CoreTeka. We organized online workshops during the pandemic for the team to develop general and technical skills, and it helped us to discover new technologies and interact with clients even better.

Here are some of the online events that were recently held by CoreTeka.

A better understanding of logistics

As logistics is one of our main domains, we encourage the team to dive deeper into the industry. It helps to solve the most challenging problems for the clients.

We organized 2 events for the team related to the logistics field.

“Warehousing logistics from within” meet-up

CoreTeka launched WareTeka. It’s a new project for warehousing logistics. Both teams eagerly shared expertise in the subtleties of choosing the right warehouse.

At the event, the Business Development Manager at WareTeka spoke about:

  • How warehouses help to scale business operations.
  • The main characteristics of warehouses (type, class, location, etc).
  • The difference between 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, and 4PL providers.
  • What services do 3PL companies provide?
  • What is better: to build or to rent a warehouse?
  • How to choose suitable warehouses for business.
  • Comparison of Ukrainian and European logistics real estate market.
  • How automation and warehouse management systems help companies to avoid mistakes.

In the end, we discussed the most successful cases in Ukrainian warehousing logistics. For example, how Nova Poshta processes more than 20 thousand orders per day by implementing WMS and installing sorting equipment. Online workshops during the pandemic such as this one let us better understand the tasks and cope even with the most challenging projects.

“How supply chains have changed during COVID-19” talk

Our CEO Alex Isachenko is the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals member and speaker at Kyiv Logistics School. So, he has a huge experience in logistics. In the middle of the lockdown, he collected and analyzed the information about how COVID-19 has changed the supply chains.

During his speech the team discovered:

  • Why logistics is so important for business and economics.
  • What logistics domains have suffered the most.
  • How closed borders decreased GDP by at least 15%.
  • Why the commission on vessels transfer had doubled.
  • How the lack of one small part can stop the car manufacturing industry.
  • What companies won in lockdown.
  • How to decrease logistics expenses during the pandemic.

Want to learn more? Feel free to access the full-textual version of the speech here.

Technical events

CoreTeka Evolves: Online Workshops Go On During Pandemic - 8

Coreteka doesn’t write just a piece of code, our team dives deep into business and seeks solutions to the challenges thanks to the technologies.

In software development, team play is a key to success. Every member shares knowledge about usable technologies. So, the clients acquire suitable software, while developers improve their technical skills.

The developers enjoined 3 events.

“How to develop native and cross-platform mobile applications” workshop

As brick-and-mortar companies go online, they should encourage customers to buy products and services. Mobile applications perfectly suit the task as they make new customers’ experience and increase the client’s service. So, companies should understand the fundamentals of web application development.

At the online meeting, our Android and iOS developers spoke about:

  • The difference between native and cross-platform mobile apps. We discussed cases of when to use each method.
  • Setting up the Web-view.
  • How to develop the architecture of a mobile application.
  • How to choose the right database.
  • How to set up background working of an app.
  • The team thought up cases and speakers explained how to implement them with mobile application development tools.

“Continuous integration with Jenkins” workshop

Developers should capture changes in source code each day, it’s the so-called continuous integration process. It helps to detect errors in all development stages and increases the quality of software. Jenkins is the perfect tool to automate continuous integration.

Our CTO talked about Jenkins in detail:

  • How Jenkins helps to develop capable and high-quality software builds.
  • The benefits of Jenkins.
  • Why Jenkins is a “must-have” nowadays.
  • Jenkins features for DevOps.
  • What Jenkins consists of.

The team solved real-life cases while learning features integration. That’s why the majority of developers consider this particular event to be one of the most useful among online workshops during the pandemic.

Jenkins is a solution to automate routine developers’ operations. Check IT process automation tools in our blog to learn more ways of how to make the development process easier.

“Programming with Kotlin” workshop

Kotlin makes big waves. The programming language is the main competitor of Java. With Kotlin, developers make flexible, secure client-server, web, and mobile applications.

Our Android Tech Lead told the team everything there’s need to know about Kotlin and its specifics:

  • Difference between Kotlin and Java.
  • When you should use Kotlin.
  • Why Kotlin code is more concise and what benefits does it give for developers.
  • Could back-end and front-end developers write code on Kotlin? Or is the language only for mobile development?

The team learned about features, syntaxis, and the reasons for growing Kotlin’s popularity. Developers use the programming language for backend and mobile development. But we focused on Android Kotlin training. It was a great chance to improve the quality of code and its adaptivity.

Business analysis event

Requirements collecting is the stage, where we identify customers’ needs and find solutions. Business analysts bridge the gap between developers and companies. That’s why we strongly build up expertise, using every means possible, and online workshops during the pandemic are one of the best ways to do it.

CoreTeka Evolves: Online Workshops Go On During Pandemic - 10
“How to collect requirements under a limitation of the projects” webinar, the meeting dedicated to clear business analysis documentation. Our Business Analysis Tech Lead expressed his on these topics:

  • The iterative process to identify the aims, problems, and needs of the clients.
  • How to form suitable requirements.
  • Project limitations in metric systems (The triangle of context, price, and terms; the triangle + quality; the hexagon: the triangle + quality + risks + resources).
  • Documentation analysis, interviews, workshops, creating contextual diagrams, business modeling, and prototyping as methods to collect requirements.

The team brought up real cases in the discussion of why business analysis leads to high-quality software development.

Technologies and tools we use

CoreTeka has specialists in different specializations. There are designers, business analysts, front-end, back-end, and mobile developers. There’s a large toolkit of programming languages and design patterns we use in our work. The list keeps growing as we learn more technologies and keep on sharing our expertise.

User-friendly and visually attractive UI/UX design tasks require complex tools, so we use Sketch; Zeplin; inVision;; Figma; Adobe Creative Cloud.

Read the “What are UI design patterns for mobile application” article on our blog to dive into design processes.

Mobile applications help a business quickly interact with the clients, so our Android and iOS developers with a huge stack of technologies are on your side: Objective C; Swift; Java; React Native; Firebase.

Front-end development is a business card of your company. The design is the first thing a user sees when entering the site. To make your product visually appealing we work with HTML 5 & CSS 3; Angular 2-5; React.JS; Vue.JS; Bootstrap; Element UI.

Our back-end developers know how to make fast, logical, and functioning solutions. We use various technologies, databases, and frameworks to set up hidden service functionality: Java; Node.JS; PHP and frameworks Laravel, YII; MySQL; MongoDB; PostgreSQL.

Even during the lockdown, we overcome the obstacles on our way. As we know a crisis is an opportunity. So, if you need our experience and expertise, we’re ready to help you to overcome the obstacles.