April 17, 2021

IT Process Automation Tools to Discuss

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Coreteka team spends a portion of time on system routine maintenance checks. IT process automation suggests a technology that can help your team speed progress across projects.

IT process automation tools are fundamentals to support performance of the IT department by decreasing manual work. They allow to automate any IT process, including database monitoring, maintenance tasks, workflow reports etc.

IT process automation can help a company from a single location with the processes like implementation of digital transformation through automation, improvement of IT security, testing and asset management.

IT process automation is commonly used in the next spheres:

  • eCommerce (integration with ERP systems, order process, payment transactions);
  • Warehouse (orders with shipping services, delivery alerts);
  • Accounting (invoices and credit controls);
  • Customer service (documents and statements, support issues);
  • Sales (CRM integration, automated KPI reports, order summaries, price change notifications, automated SMS promotions, email marketing).

ITPA Tools improve productivity, reduce work time and increase the company’s income. Productivity of employees is increased by avoiding tedious manual tasks, permitting to focus on customer relationships and brand awareness.

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ITPA Tools are viewed as resolutions to bridge a break between multi-platform and multi-cloud data siloes. Data security and working capacity are better on the cloud-based workflow.

IT process automation tools have the common benefits:

  • Elimination of human errors;
  • Better decision-making and productivity;
  • Decreased operational expenses;
  • Reduced response time to problems;
  • Real-time notifications of failures;
  • Agile and transparent information flow;
  • Systems Integration;
  • Automated support service.

Automated software provides a platform for corporations to optimize IT systems with deeper insights and communication across multiple systems.

Solution of Automated Software Testing

Coreteka enlisted what are the main QA automation tools for web applications in a previous article. Now we want to share more about automated software testing. It is done with distinctive testing tools to automate repetitive tasks.

Automated software testing is a complicated process that verifies if software is operating correctly. Automated testing tools perform software checks, report on results and their comparisons with previous ones to see whether they fail or succeed.

Automated software testing offers technologies that:

  • Detect defects earlier in development cycle;
  • Reduce the risk of finding bugs in production;
  • Decrease expenses and time for manual testers;
  • Achieve maximum test coverage.

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Testing of routine operations can be automated to guarantee security and the appropriate display of a website or web application on all devices and resolutions. It includes solutions for performing static code analysis, functional testing, load and performance testing, kinds of network connection.

Concept of robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technique that reduces human interactions with digital systems and software robots. The last ones could log-in to applications, move folders, make calculations, connect to APIs, copy data, complete routine analyses and reports.

Bots are fast, do not require breaks and eliminate variations in task execution. They can perform cognitive processes like participation in chats and conversations, understanding of unstructured information. Dealing with structured data means working with a database, with unstructured — documents and images.

There are many robotic process automation tools on the market that are created specially to increase productivity in back-office processes. They are mainly used in banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and telecommunication spheres. Multinational companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, Capgemini apply RPA in their daily exercises.

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Robotic process automation develops advanced AI skills in the form of machine learning models, natural language processing and image recognition. Companies experience better operational effectiveness, being on top of quality control, accuracy and cost-efficiency.

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Coreteka is a key partner that may help with IT process automation for agriculture, retail and logistics businesses. Implementation and design of automated software makes it easier to manage the complete lifecycle of every corporation. Whether used in a warehouse or by sales department, IT process automation tools can offer substantial benefits to IT teams.

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