June 16, 2023

8 Game-Changing Chat GPT Use Cases for Businesses

8 Game-Changing Chat GPT Use Cases for Businesses - 6

The opportunities offered by artificial intelligence are growing exponentially. AI-powered tools, such as Chat GPT, are shaping the future of industries and setting new standards for businesses. Since its advent, Chat GPT has evoked a vivid discussion around the true power of AI and its impact on companies.

Today, Chat GPT finds its use across sectors as organizations leverage the tool to automate processes, reduce costs, and minimize human errors. The platform is yet at its early stage; however, it has already proven its capacity to drive value and enhance processes.

We’ve collected a range of real Chat GPT use cases in education, the social sector, eCommerce, and logistics to show how AI pushes the limits of what was considered possible.

Chat GPT use cases for businesses

Below, we introduce a set of conversational AI use cases in various industry sectors that convey intelligent technology’s power. You can also familiarize yourself with Chat GPT’s opinion on AI job replacement.

Duolingo: AI use cases in education

Duolingo serves millions of users who are learning a second language. The company enriched its language learning application with GPT-4, enabling two original features: Role Play and Explain My Answer.

Role Play is an AI-backed conversation partner who can chat freely on diverse topics, immersing you in niche contexts. With Explain My Answer, a user can initiate clarifications on the rules and study specific use cases. The AI assistant will lead a user through the necessary theoretic aspects with practical examples.

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Duolingo plans to move forward with AI-inspired opportunities, expanding to more languages and introducing new valuable features.

Be My Eyes: the social meaning of AI

Be My Eyes develops technology for people who are visually impaired or have low vision. This Danish startup provides communication between those people and volunteers who help them with daily tasks. Activities like navigating an airport can be complicated, even for individuals with unobstructed vision, not even speaking about the ones who can’t see. Therefore, external help is vital.

A new solution, Virtual Volunteer™ powered by GPT-4, successfully fulfills the job that was previously done by human assistants. With the help of a visual input capability, the Be My Eyes app can equal human volunteers in providing context and understanding. The AI-based technology enables conversations and demonstrates analytical capacity.

The application has already assisted users in navigating the railway system, including identifying their location and providing detailed instructions on safely reaching their destination point.

This is one of the most socially meaningful AI use cases with strong potential for further implementations.

Spectrum: ultimate customer support

AI use cases in telecom likewise represent remarkable implications of the advanced technology.

Businesses in this sector often employ machine learning algorithms derived through big data to optimize the expenses of the customer service process. The relevant examples exist in organizations including Spectrum, AT&T, CenturyLink, and more.

Spectrum, in particular, has launched the AI-enabled virtual assistant called Ask Spectrum that aids consumers in troubleshooting, getting information about their accounts, and clarifying general questions about the company’s services. The assistant efficiently manages customer queries and helps them to order specific services based on their needs.

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Ada Health: AI in medical care

Continual access to a personal healthcare specialist who can provide valuable advice – isn’t it a patient’s dream?

AI use cases in healthcare affirm that the dream can come true.

Ada Health is a mobile app that utilizes an AI-driven chatbot to assist users in assessing their symptoms and understanding potential health conditions. The chatbot interacts with users, asks relevant questions, and creates personalized health assessment reports.

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Sephora: the service that cherishes customers

AI use cases in eCommerce are abundant.

The beauty industry presents a fruitful ground for the flourishing of AI-powered tools. Sephora, a global beauty retailer, has implemented a virtual assistant known as Sephora Virtual Artist. It brings virtual reality technology into the beauty industry. The solution delivers personalized product recommendations and makeup tutorials, allowing customers to try virtual makeovers, identify their favorite products, and share results with their friends online.

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Thanks to a facial recognition feature, Sephora’s makeup application enables users to try on pieces they like. This is a delightful way to check various products as well as the full makeup to see how it looks on your face.

The virtual tutorials are also fully personalized. They include color guides on matching your makeup to your face and outfit, beauty trends and instructions, relevant color swatches, and more.

eBay ShopBot: an easy way through billions of products

Another example of AI use cases in retail is eBay. The company developed ShopBot – an intelligent shopping assistant accompanying buyers wherever they go.

ShopBot studies the customers’ preferences and helps them find relevant products. Users can converse with this assistant, describe their requests, and obtain a customized selection from the available stock.

The chat is also available on Facebook Messenger.

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eBay’s product listings account for billions; therefore, making a tailored selection takes the customer experience to a new level. Such AI capabilities as contextual understanding, predictive modeling, and machine learning make shopping a breeze. The bot can understand text, voice, and pictures to shape the understanding of customer needs. Then, after a couple of follow-up questions, it crafts personalized recommendations.

UPS: the future of logistics brands

Supply chain AI use cases witness that intelligent technology can help logistics businesses thrive.

UPS is a global delivery and transportation company that retains its competitive edge by implementing an AI-enabled solution, UPS Bot. This chatbot is able to do the following:

  • Track parcels.
  • Find drop-off locations in a convenient area.
  • Schedule pickups. 
  • Answer customers’ questions.

UPS Bot is available through Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Amazon platforms. Users can also access it through Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, by using its voice-recognition feature.

The tool’s features do not end here. UPS plans to extend its functionality and provide compatibility with UPS My Choice platform. This integration will empower users to control or change delivery time and location through a conversational customer interface.

Maersk: the optimal transportation experience 

Another example of AI implementation in logistics is the Captain Peter chatbot developed by Maersk, a global shipping company.

This assistant intends to enhance client service and facilitate communication. It helps to track container status, determine freight rates, and address shipment-related requests.

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With the company’s Remote Container Management system, Captain Peter helps clients track their cargo from the very start of the container journey up to the delivery at the required destination.

The features and advantages Captain Peter delivers include the following:

  • Comprehensive visibility. Users can monitor their cargo and stay informed of any unexpected occurrences.
  • Enhanced predictability. This allows for minimizing delays on their cargo’s route and taking preventative actions.
  • Convenient data sharing. Reliable and accessible data reinforce trust between shipment parties.

Chat GPT use cases FAQ

🔴 What is the best business use of Chat GPT?

The best ChatGPT cases for businesses are multiple. First of all, the service is used to streamline customer support by addressing common queries, troubleshooting issues, and guiding customers through basic tasks. The tool is also applicable in the education and social sphere, where it facilitates the learning process and provides help to individuals with special needs. It also serves as a virtual assistant that can aid in selecting, purchasing, and using products or services and provide personalized recommendations. 

What businesses are based on Chat GPT?

Here are a few examples of businesses that utilize Chat GPT or similar language models for their core operations. Customer Support Platforms, including Helpshift, Ada Support, and Intercom, leverage chatbot technologies to power their customer support. Virtual assistant applications, like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant, employ natural language processing and generation models to understand and respond to user queries. Language models are crucial in enabling these virtual assistants to communicate effectively with users.

🔴 What is the use case of Chat GPT in analytics?

ThoughtSpot is a business intelligence and analytics platform that leverages Chat GPT-like language models to provide a conversational analytics experience. The platform enables users to ask questions about their data, just like interacting with a chatbot. For example, an analyst can ask questions like “What were the sales figures by region last quarter?” or “Show me a trend chart of customer churn over time”. Chat GPT-like models process these queries, understand the user’s intent, and retrieve relevant data or generate visualizations based on the requested information.


AI and Chat GPT-like models penetrate various industries bringing a wealth of opportunities. AI use cases in manufacturing, healthcare, eCommerce, and logistics are already diverse, and their number is growing at an incredible pace. Today, we may still be unable to imagine what technology will bring down the road. However, the features available nowadays are enthralling. Our selection of the best AI use cases intends to shine a spotlight on technology’s tremendous potential. 

Businesses obviously need to keep up with AI-enabled services to remain on surge in a constantly altering environment. We at Coreteka stay at the forefront of technical development and know how to match your business tasks with the latest AI breakthroughs. We understand how Chat GPT affects various industry sectors and can bring its maximum potential to your service.

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