May 06, 2021

Major Software Development Trends in 2021

Major Software Development Trends in 2021 - 6Applying the new development methods in accordance with customer requirements by software development companies accelerated growth of new trends. Along with IT Process Automation Tools, Coreteka conducts analysis of Software Development Trends that are dominant in 2021.

Implementation of remote work due to the pandemic caused a higher usage of mobile devices. Many app developers started to develop apps with the help of Cloud services due to their easier maintenance and storage. Cloud technology was embraced not only by startups and businesses, but even by governmental organizations.

74% of corporations worldwide will continue investing in Cloud technologies. In 2021, Amazon and Microsoft will keep their position as the first and second places, being the providers of that services that offer great security, scalability and flexibility. Alibaba Group will rank third in 2021, behind Google with a 6% market share in 2020.

App development companies care a lot about cybersecurity and commercial data protection. Updated security measures can help protect from malicious attacks and data breaches that might compromise the privacy of data. We see quick evolution of security innovations such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, voice or hand geometry recognition and other biometric types.

Major Software Development Trends in 2021 - 8

M-commerce will continue to obtain popularity. Apple Pay and Google Wallet facilitate purchases using mobile phones instead of credit cards. Wearables like Apple Watch will also play a key role in the work of mobile payments and customer loyalty. Application developers are actively designing new solutions for this market.

The future with Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) expands the opportunities of many industries, including digital banking, medical services, education, supply chain management, healthcare. 86% of businesses are currently using the benefits of better customer experience through AI.

Intelligent process automation, robotic process automation, cybersecurity and data breach solutions, business processes monitoring tools and IoT are the main types of AI techniques. The future of AI includes image recognition, object identification, predictive maintenance, automated geophysical detection. With predictive analytics, they can get access to sales data of customers and find out their preferences.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a connected network of globally-used digital devices that monitor all the needed data. It automatically collects information from various smart detectors, sensors, and devices and sends real-time analytics.

There are smart home systems, Bluetooth trackers, car GPS gadgets, voice-controlled technology (Amazon Alexa, Google Home), chatbots. Predictions say that by 2030 there will be around 50 billion of these IoT devices.

Major Software Development Trends in 2021 - 10

Smartwatches can be used to track a patient’s health, and the records may also be used to assist a doctor during the treatment process. Connected vehicles will improve in-car payments, autonomous driving, booking reservations on the move.

Mixed reality (MR) is a combination of augmented reality (AR), which integrates a virtual content into the realistic one, and virtual reality (VR). Companies in areas such as defense, gaming, architecture, tourism and construction have already started incorporating this technology to see its big value. What is automotive zone? Read on our blog.

Virtual tours offer consumers the possibility to seek out new places and adventures from the comfort and safety of their homes. Simulation-based training creates realistic scenarios in a digital environment, which facilitates the training process by enabling learners to practice their skills. Online shopping can provide the consumers new interactive experiences by introducing try-before-you-buy features.

Major Software Development Trends in 2021 - 12

Blockchain is considered as one of the securest software development technologies for micro payments, bank transactions, logistical operations. Blockchain provides decentralization, greater transparency, advanced cybersecurity features.

By the end of 2024, the blockchain market is expected to grow to $20 billion in annual revenues. Let’s clarify its advantages:

  • Data safety (decentralized data storage helps prevent fraud and security attacks);
  • Smart contracts (the goods are shipped after the payment is verified through blockchain);
  • Identity and Access Management;
  • Better analytics.

Updates for application developers

As for app development software, native applications provide a better user experience in comparison to hybrid apps. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are much faster to download, offering similar UX and push notifications functionality.

Progressive web applications can be operated offline and updated automatically when visited. They take up no storage space, because they are not downloaded from the app store. From the development side, this type of application is cost-effective and time-saving as it does not require various versions for different devices.

Major Software Development Trends in 2021 - 14

Pinterest has reported to have experienced a 44% increase in their revenue rate in comparison with their mobile website. Well-known companies started to implement PWA for different aims:

  • Pinterest (to promote user experience);
  • Starbucks (to have quick and responsive performance);
  • Forbes (to rebrand mobile experience);
  • The Washington Post (to have fast loading of pages);
  • Trivago (to have better customer engagement).

Low code development platforms are a comparatively new tendency. They enable users to create databases and other app development software with limited or no specific development skills. Instead of writing every single line of code for a given mobile app, users of a low-code or no-code platform can build their projects with graphical user interfaces and pre-designed building blocks.

Major Software Development Trends in 2021 - 16

Major software development companies switch to development with small and agile building blocks in the form of containers and microservices. All the main Cloud providers are now offering managed Kubernetes service along with containerization services.

Trending programming languages like Rust, Go, Scala and Kotlin are becoming more popular. JavaScript as a programming language has still much to offer for developers, but Python also takes a deserved place with the biggest percentage of growth (19%).

List of companies that have declared that they will adopt Rust in 2021 is expanding. Microsoft and Amazon recently announced significant investments in this language.

Major Software Development Trends in 2021 - 18

Ability to work from home has popularized software outsourcing in 2021. Software development companies try to hire offshore developers rather than building internal teams. The external outsourcing teams usually have diverse expertise and professionals in different areas.

Large corporations always pay attention to changes in software development trends. Coreteka usually follows the latest innovations.

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