April 26, 2021

How to Track the Carbon Footprint in eCommerce Transportations

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Steady growth in freight volumes has resulted in an increase in freight logistics. Like any other industry, it is time for logistics to take responsibility for a green transition and decrease CO2 emissions.

The main aim of this research is to discuss the definition of sustainable logistics and contemporary issues on environmental sustainability. The challenge is to deploy advanced logistics concepts that reduce congestion, noise, and air pollution from freight traffic, and balance emission output from factories and deliveries. Its mission is to support organizations in the improvement of supply chain operations by creating innovative research.

This pandemic has caused an increased investment in digital technologies around sustainability trends. Environmental sustainability companies have pledged to work only with suppliers that adhere to environmental standards due to consumer expectations for businesses to be environmentally friendly.

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How does collaboration among shippers and logistics service providers facilitate environmental performance? Partnering with sustainable carriers will help you drive positive business change by:

  • Improving the overall company image;
  • Generating new revenue streams;
  • Becoming eco-friendly;
  • Finding new partners;
  • Expediting many logistics processes.

Innovative warehouse design is an important element of sustainable logistics. A wholesaler ASKO installed windmills and solar cells to fuel warehouses, and bought electric trucks for zero Co2 emissions and utilization of food waste.

Concept of Sustainable Packaging

Most of the packages sold today are disposable and are not always accepted by public recycling systems. Environmental packaging explains the usage of eco-friendly materials, which will decompose into non-toxic organic substances after 15 years.

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30% of consumers are ready to pay more money for products in sustainable packaging. It supposes such packages for usage:

  • Biodegradable packaging peanuts;
  • Corrugated bubble wrap;
  • Air pillows made of recycled materials;
  • Cornstarch packaging;
  • Recycled cardboard;
  • Organic fabrics;
  • Recycled bio-plastics.

To increase marketing conversions, IKEA invested in biodegradable types made from mycelium fungus.

McDonald’s plans to obtain 100% renewable and recycled packaging by 2025.

British online fashion and cosmetic retailer Asos implements recycled materials for delivery bags.

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Nestle, Pepsi, and Unilever are collaborating with Loop, where packages are collected, cleaned, recycled, and reused. It is a shopping service that sells a variety of products in durable reusable boxes.

Loop will pick up the packages from clients’ homes while delivering new ones where required. Each container must be made of durable material that is resilient enough to be reused for at least ten cycles, including a full journey through production, shipping, usage, and cleaning.

Implementation of Sustainable Development Strategy on Practice

What are the most innovative methodologies in sustainable logistics? Green logistics refers to the set of sustainable policies and measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

The development of green logistics for the implementation of sustainable development strategy in companies forces them to accelerate electric vehicle operations.

DB Schenker is especially known for its zero-emission transport, which consists of 4 electric bicycles, 8 electric vans, and 11 electric trucks now. It is also focused on the usage of biogas fuel and the increase in railroad transport.

We took factual data on environmental sustainability companies’ involvement in green logistics management.

DHL Freight is at the forefront of innovative events in this sphere. GoGreen’s plan is to receive zero CO2 emissions by 2050. By 2030, it wants to increase carbon efficiency by 50%, reduce air pollution by operating 70% of last-mile services with bicycles and electric cars, and attest 80% of employees as GoGreen specialists.

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Being the most international company with operations in over 220 countries, they have a considerable number of physical assets like warehouses, and sorting centers (hubs, terminals). Green logistics management involves the construction of carbon-neutral buildings.

DHL Freight will increase the usage of sustainable aviation fuels and electrify 60% of last-mile delivery. It offers the most comprehensive portfolio of green products and takes part in the United States Environmental Protection SmartWay program, and the Green Freight Europe and Green Freight Asia initiatives.

Earth Smart, FedEx’s involvement in sustainable logistics, shows the climate protection projects to neutralize logistics emissions and demonstrate benefits for the environment. It covers such sustainability trends:

  • EarthSmart Innovations — electrically assisted tricycles, hybrid trucks, and all-electric delivery vehicles;
  • EarthSmart Outreach — sustainable transportation and ecosystems, green urban spaces;
  • EarthSmart Work — engagement of team members to sustainability issues.

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UPS program has an objective to have 40% alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles (all-electric, hybrid electric, compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, biodiesel, and propane vehicles) by 2025.

UPS operations in 10 European countries are achieving near-zero emissions with the usage of renewable electricity with solar arrays. It will also offset CO2 emissions by buying 250 million gallons of renewable natural gas.

UPS Global Forestry Initiative helps to plant and preserve trees that help absorb carbon.

Brands and enterprises will place more of a focus on sustainability trends than ever before. Consumer demand for sustainable products and services is predicted to grow sharply in the coming years. Green packaging management of logistics enterprises makes all deliveries more environmentally friendly.

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