August 24, 2020

What Is UI / UX Design & What Does a UX Designer Do: Explained

Many businesses lose money because their applications or websites provide a poor user experience design. By creating an engaging user interface design, the companies offer more valuable web sites to their customers. How to check whether your designer is aware of crucial UX/UI basics? See below.

Web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development. It means a visual view and interaction with web sites and mobile applications that are popular nowadays. Briefly, the formation of website elements from structure and layout to images, fonts, active elements, buttons, and graphics is called web design. So the designers should follow the digital peculiarities and the trends of the web industry.

We often can find UI/UX that are put in one single term, but they are the subcategories of web design. UX identifies a user experience design. The term was created by a cognitive science researcher Donald Norman. He explained in one interview the invention of UX. Donald wanted to cover industrial design, graphics, interface, physical interaction, and the manual together, so he coined a word that is now recognized all over the world. How to perform ux research? Find out more about in our new article.

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User experience design presents a process of different products creation and, in practice, it implicates usability, interaction design, user research, and content strategy. It determines the whole structure of the interface.

The user interface as UI is a specialization of web design that consists of a screen layout, transitions, interface animations, images, icons, buttons, text entry fields. These buttons are made to follow the brand’s purpose.

Designers are working on color schemes, the width of lines, and text fonts to make every element of a system memorable.

Thus, UX designer works on the user interface operations, UI – on the visual look of the interface. Collaboration between UI and UX designers ensures the success of a complete project. An attractive design cannot win if an interface is uncomfortable to navigate. On the contrary, a fantastic UX design can be spoiled by inappropriate visual interface.

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UI design and UX are the closely related concepts in web design but they differ in functionality. We cannot choose which one is more important. Are you knowledgeable about the difference between UX/UI? Let’s explore. Also read about shipping calculator comparison.

Is connected with the user’s expectations of a product; Creates aesthetically-pleasing interfaces;
Starts from the product development process; Continues after UX;
Back end; Mostly front end;
Draft colors in prototype design; A full-color palette for design work;
Creation of user tests, product design, usability, lo-fi prototypes. Content design, hi-fi prototypes.

For common understanding, the low-fidelity prototypes provide the simplest framework at the early stage of production. High-fidelity prototypes are close to the final product with the necessary design components. For example, it is easier to see the difference in the picture:

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What does a UX/UI designer do?

What does a UX/UI designer do? Executes and facilitates data, typography, and branding in order to make an interface original and useful. He must be aware of the latest design innovations in order to guarantee that his product will be a work of cutting-edge technology.

UX designers should create comfortable and user-friendly applications. UI designers make aesthetic and creative view to add colors to the users’ perception.

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UI/UX designer salary

The salary of a UI/UX designer depends on his project’s type and experience level. Salaries can vary greatly from country to country, so it is necessary to check the vacancies and propositions in place.
In the United States, there are many world-leading companies like Amazon, Google, Adobe, and Microsoft that pay much for these skills. You can see the chart below to check the yearly salaries of designers around the world.

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In Ukraine, a UI/UX designer earns 700 dollars and more. The companies more often search for one person who performs the UI/UX tasks simultaneously. For example, an ideal designer has to know wireframing, prototyping, a concept design for various web products from mobile tablets to desktop, web front-end technologies including HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, also the principles of CSS animation, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop. The portfolio is a golden ticket to a high-paid job for any experienced designer.
Usability, simplicity, consistency, accessible and impressive design are the powerful tools for improvement of customer acquisition and raise of conversion. That is why the performance of the duties of UX/UI designers are so indispensable!

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