October 28, 2020

Shipping Calculator Comparison: Top 5 Shipping Calculators for Business

Shipping Calculator Comparison: Top 5 Shipping Calculators for Business - 6

Why use shipping calculator comparison? Of course, it’s not all about money. Nowadays, when so many stores are transitioning their offline business to online, there aren’t many ways to impress the client.
People order almost everything through websites and mobile apps because they want to stay safe.

Yet, online shopping has one major flaw — you don’t get what you’ve just purchased immediately. You’ll have to wait until your order is shipped, plus several days which the actual shipping takes.

At last, the delivery man is at your door, but you might not feel as excited as when you’ve made an actual purchase, since some time has passed. Finally, the parcel might look beaten up, spoiling an impression from the purchase.

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The business owner is not accountable for the way the delivery service works, and how they handled the parcel, but finally it’s him who won’t get a returning customer. Does it feel familiar?

Well, actually there’s one thing that can keep your customers impressed and ready to buy more from you, even while staying at home. It’s a great delivery service, which should be careful of the goods they ship, provide accurate tracking, and deliver everything in time.

Additionally, this delivery service shouldn’t cost a fortune, or it will be impossible to use. Hence, you’re in need of a reliable shipping calculator.

It will let us understand which shipping service we should use to deliver orders faster, at less cost.

Of course, they won’t guarantee the delivery man will be polite and the package will be wrapped up in 24K gold. But it’s still something.

Take a look at the shipping calculator comparison below to learn how you can cut your shipping expenses while using the fastest delivery service.

Last Mile Connector calculator

This is a fairly new tool that’s a part of a complex system connecting your CRM with delivery services. Last Mile Connector provides automatization to the whole delivery process, taking the burden off your shoulders. It’s easy to work with, and even easier to integrate.

What you have to do is set the delivery type (the client address, the warehouse address), define the location to which the delivery should be made.

Then you have to select how the delivery services available for this route should be sorted: from fastest to slowest or from cheapest to most expensive.

You’ll also get the general spreadsheet comparing the shipping services by delivery date and price.

Its major benefits are:

  1. Integration into the CRM;
  2. Ability to calculate the shipping costs for several directions at once;
  3. Best delivery option recommendations based on the selected settings;
  4. Intuitive interface.

Last Mile Connector hits the 1st place of our shipping calculator comparison chart. It will work perfectly for you if you have an online business, and deal on a daily basis with the delivery services or cross border shipping solutions.

Parcel Monkey calculator

ParcelMonkey is a simple online shipping calculator, which allows you to find the best shipping option for your order. If you don’t ship goods regularly, it will suit you. But you won’t be able to use spreadsheets for costs and delivery time comparison. Also, there’s no way to check the costs and delivery time for several orders at once.

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This online shipping calculator mainly works with the international delivery services, like DHL, EMS, and TNT, mainly in Europe and USA.

Its benefits are:

  1. It’s free to use;
  2. Simple interface;
  3. Has a filter by shipping cost.

If you don’t deal with shipping services regularly, this service will suit you as a one-time solution. It’s free and works internationally, so it’s out second choice in the shipping calculator comparison list.

EBay shipping calculator

Shipping Calculator Comparison: Top 5 Shipping Calculators for Business - 12

It’s not at the top of shipping calculator comparison, but if you’re shipping from the USA, you can use this simple calculator to find the best shipping option available for you.

To use it you have to log in to eBay, add some general information about the goods you want to ship, like dimensions, type and weight. Choose the shipping service you’re interested in and preview the rates.

The main strengths of eBay shipping calculator are:

  1. It’s easy to use;
  2. It’s free.

The specifics of the calculator is that it works only for those who ship from the US, and it doesn’t handle multiple orders and shipping directions at once.


Shipping Calculator Comparison: Top 5 Shipping Calculators for Business - 14

ShipStation is a web-based tool for performing shipping calculations. Like Last Mile Connector, it connects to CRM system using Zapier integration.

You’ll need to enter order details (dimensions, weight), and the address. As a result you’ll see a spreadsheet that shows the shipping rates comparison and estimate delivery time. However, there’s no option to add several orders at once and calculate the shipping rates for several directions.

The key fortes of ShipStation calculator are:

  1. Integration into the CRM;
  2. Ability to work online;
  3. Spreadsheet view for the information.

You’ll find ShipStation useful if you have a CRM system and want to perform smart calculations for your orders.

How does TMS work? Find more information in our blog.

FitShipper calculator

This tool is the last in our shipping calculator comparison, however, it’s unique. It allows us to calculate the delivery costs and time judging by the size and weight of the product. You’ll see the best options for packaging, which will fit for goods better. The calculator works with USPS, so if you’re shipping inside the USA, you can safely use it.

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The bright sides of FitShipper are:

  1. Ability to choose the best package sizing.

Final thoughts

Delivery should be an inseparable part of your customer’s experience. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the ways we deliver goods. Shipping calculators are now easy to use, and you can find the free ones if you’re only starting to scale up your business.

There are also more complex tools with CRM integrations, like Last Mile Connector, which will shoulder all the concerns about the best ways to deliver your goods using algorithms and big data. It makes sense to use them, especially if you have lots of packages to deliver everyday, and are afraid to mix up parcels and addresses.

Here we have attempted to create an unbiased shipping calculator comparison for 5 tools that are gaining popularity. Make sure to try them out to learn which suits you better. Or, if you need a custom solution for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Coreteka for details!

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