February 13, 2021

Top Fleet Management Software 2021

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Transportation companies and fleet owners are using different programs and applications that are helpful in many tasks, among which is coordination of the fleet from one central platform. A target of fleet management software is to monitor delivery schedules, provide report alerts for any route deviation or delay. It is created to resolve issues between interested parties, predict maintenance expenses, send the pick-up locations, verify the performance of drivers while driving, and manage manual tasks such as organization of receipts electronically.

Fleet management software is especially useful for maintaining safety and legal compliance. Companies will profit from the usage of ELD and GPS trackers, dash cameras, and driver ID readers. They should use the best fleet management software for distributing cargo, managing repairs, dispatching the drivers, calculating Hours of Service, and receiving alerts about any issue. If a dispatcher sees the performance of previous routes, the most efficient ones can be planned for future deliveries.

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Summarizing important advantages that companies get by implementing the best fleet management software, we highlighted:

  • Route optimization (to check its length and potential retentions);
  • Fuel Consumption;
  • Accident Management;
  • Vehicle Maintenance (to comply with standards, predict next maintenance expenses for repairs);
  • Compliance Management (to keep up with FMCSA regulations for reducing traffic incidents);
  • Safety (to inform insurance agencies about damages, claims, and unsafe driving);
  • Real-time alerts and detailed reports;
  • Dispatching process (to send geofence updates to drivers about deliveries);
  • Job schedule board;
  • 24/7 Customer support.

Large corporations, such as FedEx, DHL, and Amazon, cannot organize workflow quickly without fleet management software. Small and middle-sized companies can also find the best small fleet management software to optimize their deliveries.

How to choose the best fleet management software? We advise looking at the prices for fleet management software and a company’s budget. Then you can sort out reviews of the last designed or already used programs in a transport sphere, choose key characteristics, and compare them. Meanwhile, Coreteka investigated this field and can suggest a selection of the best fleet management software that prioritizes to facilitate everything.

What is the best fleet management software?

We once did a list of the best transport management systems, now it is time to get acquainted with the fleet management software.

After market analysis, we came up with the following selection of the best fleet management software, giving you detailed information about each program. One of the criteria is that it has to work easily with various systems and web browsers.

Top Fleet Management Software 2021 - 10

An enhanced route performance tool, Samsara, presents smarter route tracking and additional route details. Two-way dash cams take videos from a road (especially, accidents, sudden accelerations, or decelerations). ELD connects directly to a port through a Wi-Fi point to guarantee data transmission. This fleet management software can integrate with Payroll and HR software.

Azuga FleetMobile gives the possibility to obtain diagnostic data from any transport, and its SafetyCam checks road events and actions while driving.

If you submit IFTA fuel tax reports, Quartix fleet management software can help with a calculator that is directly related to GPS tracking. Each driver has daily log books and their own schedules.

NexTraq is a valued mobile provider of vehicle inspection, reporting, metrics, asset tracking, automatic driver assignment, geofencing, and mapping. It is very useful that NexTraq forbids texting, gaming, and emailing on the go.

With Onfleet you have access to automatic SMS notifications, pickup/delivery tasks, and high-powered analytics.

Fleetio integrates fuel cards, GPS devices, and maintenance shops in one mobile application.

Top Fleet Management Software 2021 - 12

With Teletrac Navman you can connect all systems and get customized driver scorecards, automated IFTA reporting, and optimized routing with truck-grade navigation.

SmartDrive fleet management software is a favored instrument to combine advanced analytics and identify your highest risks with a video safety program.

WEBFLEET is responsible for fleet optimization, mileage log book, professional navigation, and traffic prevention.

FleetBip is a smartphone-based fleet management software that manages all driver assignments and inventory.

Momentum IoT establishes GPS Telematics to track operating performance and manage off-duty use, guarantee driver safety by setting alerts when vehicles are exceeding predetermined limits.

Dispatch the vehicles with Verizon Connect, because it has customizable GPS tools with HD video, AI, and driver safety data.

Greenroad fleet management software presents an opportunity to record a 360-degree view of road conditions, have smart algorithms for vehicle sensing and safety, and avoid penalties and suspension of service.

Top Fleet Management Software 2021 - 14

As for the best GPS fleet management software, almost every fleet management software has it, but separately we can differentiate GPSTrackit. Cloud-based software provides good vehicle diagnostic indicators, using video transmission and built-in tracking. The temperature monitoring system has been specifically designed and engineered to help transport meet today’s demanding temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. Fleet management from GPS Trackit gives you 24/7 support that will help you with any problem.

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Whether your organization needs to pass inspection, or track HOS, GPS Insight analyzes and reports on what’s happening on the road with Driveri dash cam, delivering video clips and driver coaching metrics.

Fleetistics fleet management software suggests a GPS tracker, which can be upgraded to fleet size and complexity. It has several types of fleet dash cam solutions.

Top Fleet Management Software 2021 - 16

As for the best rental fleet management software, rental management is simplified with RentSyst and enhances the revenue of each car. VOS online tracking system installs sensors to track information on current car location, car usage without reservation, travel history, fuel usage, speeding, reckless driving issues, crashes, engine overheating, speed, and fuel level. You can integrate your accounting software, payment portal, and email services with RentSyst to benefit from the complete workflow automation.

Geotab improves key business processes by providing accurate data on measures such as mileage, potential damages, engine diagnostics, driver scorecards, and maintenance measures. A dashboard can be opened from each web browser.

To sum up, fleet management software eliminates the risks and transportation expenses while adhering to government compliances. CoreTeka has solid experience in developing logistics and transportation software.

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