November 30, 2020

Kyiv Landscape 2020: Ecosystems Coach Conference

Kyiv Landscape 2020: Ecosystems Coach Conference - 6

Segment of information technology is one of priority directions for economic development. Europe aspires to be a base for new technology trends, and induces each city to work on innovations. Tech Cities of the Future program is focused on detecting European cities with the prospects for start-ups and tech investment.

The so-called Tech Cities are highly beneficial to local and international economies, because they attract talent and create employment. This system helps to dominate in the technological rush for ecosystems’ creation.

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Kyiv has become a European hub according to Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2020. It has boosted to 34th position from 63rd in 2018, anticipating the startup ecosystems of Helsinki, Munich, and Dublin. Around 50% of Ukraine’s tech specialists with exceptional skills in AI are based in Kyiv.

To increase the business and startup environment of Ukraine through ecosystem projects, Kyiv Landscape 2020 was organized as a Kyiv startup ecosystem. A conference was created by The Next Web innovation company.

The company Next Web was started as a promotion engine for a small startup’s conference. Today it is a tech media company that informs about new technological issues through remarkable insights, events and workspaces. The company has grown to a blog with such insets as TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference and Events. Aslo read about retail mobile app trends.

Kyiv Landscape 2020 joined corporations, governments and investors together. There we could enjoy the teamwork of Ukrainian companies like TechUkraine and Center42.

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To explain you precisely, Center42 is an innovation agency that helps other companies launch new digital products, business models and marketing ideas. It has a specialized team of digital experts, former startup investors and analysts to provide these services. In practice, they also do a lot of hackathons, workshops, and research for ecosystem projects.

TechUkraine International Network is a community of Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs that concentrates on launching new platforms in the ecosystem. It unites Ukrainian top startups with international investors, seriously considering an expansion to a foreign technological hub with Ukrainian professionals.

Kirill Mazur, CEO of Center42, and Inna Stelmakh, Founder of UTEW Tech Tribe, were the main speakers in Kyiv Landscape 2020. They have organized educational and networking meetups on topics such as business development, Ukrainian tech ecosystem, PR/marketing, investor relations and business operations.

Coreteka company is also included in the listing of Kyiv Landscape 2020 event. Our team participated in a conference to know how a partnership of governments and startups can support economic growth with the available tech ecosystem.

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Ecosystems Coach Conference, which was held on June 25th by The Next Web to discuss innovative economic development and prospective tech ecosystems, shared expert insights about next questions:

  • How can tech ecosystems help governments in the post-pandemic European economic recovery?
  • What will their collaboration look like in 2020 and beyond?
  • To what extent were startup communities influenced by the pandemic in the world?
  • What is the potential of international partnerships to support local ecosystems?

Altering a physical event to the virtual type, ecosystems online conference used online format with live interviews and real-time discussion boards.

The COVID-19 crisis can reduce startup talent pools, so to keep the startup ecosystem dynamic, concrete examples were discussed. Discoveries and best practices of ecosystem builders from different countries have explored the dynamics of collaboration between governments and private sectors.

The session tackled questions how Latin America, Colombia, and Chile have linked local start-ups with the global economy. Experts shared success stories from innovation ecosystems in Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, and Nigeria.

Main topics were circled around a theme of green entrepreneurship and scaleups. Famous scaleups can inspire people to try tech entrepreneurship. As COVID-19 affects global trade to a negative context, the tech ecosystem can facilitate the sustainability of a country.

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Now it is the time for business leaders and startup founders to provide supporting infrastructure to the countries. We can observe now the popularity of remote work for tech entrepreneurs. Learn more about logistics events.

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