February 22, 2021

QA Automation Tools for Web Applications

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Web application development is a sophisticated process, coordinated by many specialists. Web testing is a method to evaluate web applications and websites for potential mistakes.

The end-to-end QA process for web applications is performed by a QA tester before it is published for the accomplishment of a user-friendly design and reliable layout. The tester imitates the actions of a real user to be confident in a stable performance.

Many manual tests have been replaced with automated ones to reduce testing time, repetitive actions, and human intervention. Today, automated testing is being considered the most functioning way in web applications QA testing.

Main stages of end-to-end QA process for web applications

QA automation tools for web applications can be executed many times, trying different inputs and actions to finally detect failures. QA process for web applications embraces:

  • Requirement testing (client’s objectives);
  • Design testing (layout and appearance of web app);
  • Functionality testing (a final step to test UI and UX).

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Functionality testing includes several parameters. Usability testing checks navigation and content while interface testing has Application, Web, and Database Server areas.

While performance testing we have to check if a web app works correctly under any load conditions, stress, scalability, and reliability issues.

Compatibility testing provides compatibility of web browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Security testing recognizes unauthorized access and potential viruses for further elimination.

A list of convenient QA automation tools for web applications

QA automation tools for web applications have their advantages and weaknesses. Let’s explore a set of them that you can choose from.

Selenium is an instrument that can be operated on many systems. Selenium WebDriver — for regression automated tests, and Selenium IDE is a web browser extension that records user interactions. Selenium Grid is scalable by performing tests on several devices.

Ranorex Studio offers good customer support, and object identification to handle UI and video reporting on iOS, and Android mobile devices or on emulators. What is an ERP system? Read the article to learn.

Testers do not need to do new libraries with Katalon Studio. Being built on Selenium and Appium frameworks, simplifying API, Katalon Analytics provides reports and graphs on Windows, iOS, and Linux.

Appium is an open-source tool that is designed for native, mobile web, and hybrid applications to perform all stages of web applications QA testing.

TestComplete supports keyword-driven testing, regression, and distributed testing. Main features include reusable scripts, building blocks for scripts, and user-friendly recording tools. Use the right verification options while creating functional UI tests and user-friendly recording tools.

Robotium is a QA automation tool for web applications that writes functional and user acceptance test scenarios.

From unit and regression to functional and performance testing you can accelerate speed and enable 90 percent automation of core business processes with WorkSoft.

Rational Functional Tester is mainly intended for automated GUI, functional, and regression testing. Storyboard testing helps take application screenshots for the monitoring of the QA process for web applications.

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Apache JMeter has options like dynamic reporting, portability, caching of test results, and powerful Test IDE.

Some of the most notable features of OpenTest QA automation tools for web applications include keyword-driven testing and parallel and data-driven testing. Keywords are the building blocks to get maintainable tests.

Unified Functional Testing has advanced image-based object recognition features and reusable test components for cross-browser coverage and cloud-based deployment.

With over 40 million downloads, Cucumber Open performs automated acceptance testing with analysis of web application behavior.

Telerik Test Studio supports functionality and API tests with codeless and code-based capabilities, featuring video recording.

Cypress QA automation tool for web applications makes testing faster by grouping tests by a web browser, environment, and package type. Whereas Selenium executes remote commands through a network, it runs in the same cycle execution as your application.

Robot Framework can be integrated with any other tool, where you can find further documentation and an issue tracker.

Serenity helps to create automated acceptance and regression tests faster. It creates detailed reports with screenshots to find error messages.

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Make sure your web application works correctly under various workloads and perform QA testing for web applications under different scenarios and equipment configurations. QA automation tools for web applications give you the perfect possibility for fast web applications QA testing.

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