November 10, 2021

Sustainability in Business: Examples From E-commerce Giants

Sustainability in Business: Examples From E-commerce Giants - 6

Climate change is a massive problem of our time. And the human industry comes as a significant part of this problem, affecting the quality of land, reducing natural resources, setting continuous production & consumption mode, and more. That is why environmental awareness and sustainability in business take an important place nowadays.

Knowing the issue at hand and understanding how human activity affects the environment are the first steps towards improvement. Therefore, responsible entrepreneurs aim to implement multiple sustainability initiatives and enrich their businesses with a sustainable business strategy to cherish the planet and impact with the help of their companies.

Additionally, with various sustainability programs and sustainability initiatives examples available, businesses can engage in corporate responsibility and share their experience with those who intend to go green. This guide will explain environmental sustainability in business and showcase some great e-commerce companies with environmental initiatives.

What is sustainability in business?

Sustainability in business refers to environmentally friendly business management. In essence, business sustainability contributes to the health and well-being of the structure it operates in and supports society, the planet, and the environment. The primary objective of a sustainable business strategy is to influence the environment or society as a whole.

Why is environmental sustainability important in business?

Environmental sustainability in business is crucial because it has a considerable impact on business investors, customers, and employees, helping to protect our planet and the well-being of all its inhabitants.

Ruined ecosystems, unchecked CO2 emissions, water & air pollution, depletion of natural resources, and climate change are just a few catastrophic issues to arise when ignoring the importance of sustainability in business.

Thus, sustainability companies with environmental initiatives bring positive social and ecological change and drive increased profitability. By going green, enterprises improve their brand image, look more trustworthy and reliable to customers and achieve several benefits related to their competitiveness in the market.

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What are the benefits of sustainability in business?

The sustainable business strategy is a winning strategy for both companies and the environment. That is why by prioritizing sustainability, enterprises gain a diversity of benefits such as business cost reduction, company reputation enhancement, driving the flow of new clients, escalating income, and the opportunity to overcome the niche competition solidly.

Moreover, sustainable companies with environmental initiatives can mitigate the risks of destroying the company’s reputation. By doing good and resolving social & ecological issues, they can do well and boost their assets.

The demand for sustainable products and services is constantly growing. Accordingly, a purpose-driven business strategy in the form of sustainability in business and the willingness to act for good come as an excellent option for strengthening your brand and conveying your green message.

Sustainability initiatives examples from e-commerce giants

Fighting climate change and other essential ecological problems is a challenging task requiring decisive action. Fortunately, some large and well-known American and European brands are already leading an example for others by implementing environmental sustainability in business. You can discover their sustainability initiatives below.

1. Recycling revolution by H&M

Imagine you can go to the nearest clothing store, bring your old garments regardless of their conditions, and then obtain new apparel made of that outdated belongings. The thing is that H&M has made it real by partnering with Looop and implementing the Looop technology as a robust and innovative recycling system available directly in stores.

Such initiative of sustainability in business makes consumers feel truly excited as they can watch the process of converting their old clothes into new ready-to-use goods. For now, H&M provides eight different product variations you get out of your old attire. For example, some of them are scarves, tops with short and long sleeves, sweaters for kids and men, etc.

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2. Zalando and its precise attention to supply chain details

Another great sustainability initiative is setting a global standard designed specifically for the fashion & retail sectors to measure product sustainability. This standard refers to Zalando, a large European online retail platform listing a diversity of brands.

Thus, all the brands that want to sell their goods through Zalando should provide complete information on the product supply chain to notify prospects about the particular products’ social and environmental impacts.

By employing these new requirements and promoting environmental sustainability in business, the team of Zalando aims to help customers make more informed decisions and purchase goods with a green history of packaging, logistics, distribution, and more.

3. Responsible material sourcing from William Sonoma

The William Sonoma company represents an in-demand American brand serving quality goods for home use. To employ an effective, sustainable business strategy, the William Sonoma brand started to produce its unique product lines bearing in mind responsible sourcing of materials.

Accordingly, the company stands for sustainability in business and prints enterprise catalogs on FSC-certified paper, utilizes responsibly sourced wood and cotton, and prepares to execute many other initiatives to protect the environment.

4. Climate Pledge Friendly label by Amazon

Like other responsible and sustainable companies with environmental initiatives, Amazon came up with an excellent solution to sustainability in business. The team of Amazon created a particular Climate Pledge Friendly label that aims to help Amazon customers choose and buy sustainable products that don’t harm nature and the planet.

The label is now available on over 20 thousand products listed in the marketplace. Moreover, a separate section on the Amazon website devoted to Climate Pledge Friendly products highlights goods that have successfully passed the appropriate certification programs.

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5. Zara and its sustainability goals

Companies show that it is never too late to work on mistakes, and therefore they include various sustainability programs and effective initiatives in their business development strategies. For example, as a famous fashion brand, Zara has established several essential goals to better impact the environment.

Thus, the company strives to use only recycled, organic, or sustainable materials when manufacturing its branded goods. Furthermore, Zara has already solved the issue with outdated Zara products in landfills by equipping its retail stores with specialized donation bins.

6. Thrilling sustainability initiatives from eBay

The power of environmental sustainability in business can’t be overstated, and therefore such business giants like eBay diligently promote diverse sustainability initiatives to induce intensive ecological awareness.

Thus, eBay helps to adjust and simplify products recycling and commits to reducing the emission of greenhouse gas. The company is not afraid of changing its priorities, so it invests in renewable energy, stands for responsible water consumption, and opts for eco-friendly product warehousing.

To conclude, sustainability in business is not an option but a necessity for companies to grow, develop, compete, and improve their impact on the environment. By implementing sustainability initiatives, businesses can drive change and progress, crucial for society and the environment.

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