October 07, 2020

The Best Logistics Conferences Safe to Attend in 2020

The Best Logistics Conferences Safe to Attend in 2020 - 6

It is strategically important to attend the best logistics conferences in 2020 and save their dates in order to stay in the loop of the latest news in the industry.

There are a lot of conferences in the logistics world that have been canceled and rescheduled due to the modern realities of Covid-19, which complicates the situation.

However, Coreteka team was able to check the list of upcoming events and do research on the conditions in order to make sure these events will be safe to visit, and won’t be postponed or rescheduled.

Keep reading the list of best logistics conferences in 2020 by Coreteka to learn which events will be held this year.

Conferences in Poland

The Best Logistics Conferences Safe to Attend in 2020 - 8

SyMas 2020 — International Trade Fair for Powder and Bulk Solids Technologies

Date: 14-15.10.2020.
Location: Krakow.

The main goal of that trade fair is to introduce how all technologies are connected with manufacturing, transporting, warehousing, processing, packing of powders, aggregates, and other solid and bulk materials. There is much you can learn about cutting-edge technologies in the manufacturing and warehousing sector.

The exhibition spectrum covers the chain of the process technology of powder and bulk solids, material handling, storage, and safety. Storage and packing in warehousing means the usage of new filling machines, bag fillers, bag unloaders, funnels, containers, lifting and tipper facilities, loose material terminals.

There will be zones for different topics, such as cement-lime, filters, lighting, mining, outsourcing with academic insights, technical solutions to each division. Enterprises more often delegate external companies to supervise the maintenance of the production plant.

The exhibitors list includes popular German manufacturers: ALLTRANS, ASMET Sp. LLC, Amixon GmbH, BRALO CZ LLC, Atmopol Sp. LLC.

Modernlog 2020 — Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage

Date: 3-6.11.2020.
Location: Poznan.

This event is listed among the best logistics conferences 2020 for a reason. It will display automation of processes and quick adaptation to changing conditions in the logistics, transport, and warehousing industry. Due to innovative logistics, the Modernlog Zones will showcase modern transport systems, warehousing, and e-commerce solutions of the future, as well as contract logistics.

The participants from leading manufacturing and trade sectors will discuss new technologies in logistics and warehousing. The exhibition will give a chance to observe MES, TMS, WMS software, the barcodes, and automatic data identification systems, as well as warehouse management equipment.

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Conferences in Germany

The Best Logistics Conferences Safe to Attend in 2020 - 10

European Drone Forum 2020

Date: 12.10.2020.
Location: Berlin.

The forum is available via video conference and face-to-face event. Here the speakers will analyze the acceptance, safe and commercial usage of unmanned aerial systems. Experts from politics, business and legislation will provide the insights and strategies to encourage overall technical development.

The topics will cover political statements, European legislation, qualification of pilots, experience reports, flight operations in urban air space, sensor data for detection and identification, etc.

International Supply Chain Conference 2020

Date: 21-23.10.2020.
Location: Berlin.

It is one of the largest business conferences in the field of supply chain management and logistics. This conference aims to give an update on development in the field of digital transport solutions in freight forwarding and transportation. There will be workshops and discussion panels, dedicated to Sustainability in Action that is the motto of the conference 2020.

This conference hits the top positions of our best logistics conferences 2020 Europe list, featuring events in Germany.

Gefahrgut & Gefahrstoff — Trade Fair Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances

Date: 24-26.11.2020.
Location: Leipzig.

The trade fair represents hazardous materials and dangerous goods logistics in the German-speaking world. It takes place at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre only once a year and is targeted at specialists from the various logistics sectors.

The GGS brings the products and services that are required for the transport and storage of hazardous goods, for intralogistic processes comprising hazardous substances. There will be numerous practical demonstrations, presentations and workshops. To ensure the highest level of safety, people can find on this trade fair suitable vehicles and systems, warehouse and operational safety equipment for the security of dangerous cargo.

Conferences in other countries

The Best Logistics Conferences Safe to Attend in 2020 - 12

GRI Light Industrial & Logistics Europe

Date: November 2020.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The event will bring together the main decision-makers in the light industrial and logistics sector in a networking environment. The core 2020 topics are Last Mile Core Assets, Investor Partnerships to Capitalise on Urban Logistics, Logistics and Light Industrial Yields – the questions that arise frequently at best logistics conferences in 2020.

GRI offers a nice setting to debate the current and future state of the customers and investors of the industrial sector.

Logistics & Distribution Zurich 2020

Date: 18-19.11.
Location: Zurich, Switzerland.

Logistics & Distribution is a professional platform for all aspects of intralogistics, distribution, and e-commerce. Over 100 exhibitors will present there a range of products and services, and about 4500 trade visitors will evaluate them.

The offered topics for discussion are: material handling, software solutions, robotics, automation, engineering, and professional services, waste management and recycling, real estate, and logistics infrastructure.

Virtual conferences

The Best Logistics Conferences Safe to Attend in 2020 - 14

Parcel+Post Expo 2020

Date: 12-15.10.2020.

This conference is among the best logistics conferences 2020 as it will review various responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, overviewing how postal operators and courier-express centers, fulfillment and logistics companies, ones that are involved in developing and implementing the latest technological solutions in automation and delivery, react to the situation.

You can register on the following sessions online: Delivery solutions, Business Strategy, Logistics Ecosystem.
The speakers will talk about how enterprises can transform their logistics operations, being influenced by the effect of the crisis on the parcel and postal businesses, e-commerce, consumer behavior, and demand.

Home Delivery World

Date: 27-30.10.

The new ways will be identified on that online conference to improve customer experience and retention through fulfillment, delivery, and reverse logistics programs.

Meet executives in the supply chain, last mile, logistics, grocery, retail, and other industries. There would be approximately 3000 attendees, and the event will last 4 days, featuring content from over 250 innovators about retail, home delivery, brand awareness, and self-qualified leads.

How can we leverage technology and data-driven platforms to make last-mile deliveries of heavy goods more efficient and cost-effective? You can learn there about leveraging tracking tools and an integrated final mile network to efficiently deliver bulky goods at one of the best logistics conferences 2020 held in October.

4-th International VDI Conference — Autonomous Trucks

The Best Logistics Conferences Safe to Attend in 2020 - 16

Date: 3-4.11.2020.

This conference will uncover future truck innovations, autonomous transportation, and the usage of new business models in that field. Attendees will have an opportunity to glean information on Advanced Truck Technology, Digital Transformation, and AI‘s Impact on the Transportation Industry in the USA, European Union, and China.

The international experts will speak about new cases in logistics. Among them, you will meet well-known specialists from TuSimple, Waymo, MAN, Embark Trucks, and other major OEMs often visiting the best logistics conferences in Europe and all over the world.

Regarding software, the Autonomous Trucks Conference is aimed at truck manufacturers, major suppliers (brake systems, sensors, environmental perception, software, and others), automotive IT companies, start-up companies that are focused on autonomous trucks.

To generalize, we see that conferences continue to be conducted in those difficult conditions of the pandemic. However, all offline events must provide security for the speakers and visitors. Find more about how mCommerce works in USA in our article.

Working on a plan of a conference organized under a new sanitary regime, we can specify the following measures that should be done by organizators if they want to conduct an offline event:

  • The space must guarantee an adequate distance between the participants.
  • All entering visitors should be automatically counted and have their temperature measured with contactless thermometers.
  • Importantly, the participants have to wear personal protection items and disinfect their hands.
  • Traffic inside the building needs to limit all unnecessary contact between those coming in and going out.
  • Free-to-use hand sanitizer dispensers should be distributed throughout the place.
  • Staff must disinfect the shared surfaces, such as handrails, elevator buttons, door handles.

Thereby, you can be completely confident in safety measures.

Yet, surely, you still can stay at home and prefer visiting online events that also bring people together.

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