May 10, 2019

iForum: the Future of Smart Cities with Automotive Zone by Coreteka

IForum, one of the biggest IT-related events in Ukraine, was held in Kyiv on May 25th

The forum was attended by over 9’000 visitors that is showing a huge and rising interest for IT and innovations among Ukrainian society.

The conference included 6 streams with different topics: starting from Internet business/startups and Advertising to Edtech and CRM & Loyalty.

In addition to the conference with interesting reports, iForum provided big space for the exhibition area that was presented by different sections. The biggest one with the size of about 450 sq m was the exhibition area “City of the Future”.

In the City of the Future, companies, which make products in areas of robotics, augmented and virtual reality, smart houses, Internet of Things, digital manufacturing, renewable energy sources, telecommunications, data collection, and data processing were presented on their stands.

Visitors were able to observe modern technological products with their own eyes, to find many interesting Ukrainian projects and to have a talk with their creators.

Coreteka  as a company which is constantly developing and supporting Ukrainian IT-Automotive community became a co-organizer of Automotive Zone at the City of the Future area, which was presented by several IT-Automotive projects.

Global Logic demonstrated a Connected car platform which allows cars to exchange data and to provide vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

Developers showed on a special screen a simulation of a real car trip and how the data is used in real cases.

EV HUB developed an IT-infrastructure which allows getting benefit for both drivers and city establishments by providing convenient services of electric charges for electric cars.

KAI Vision and UkrBricks presented their computer vision technology which allows controlling traffic on the roads and using this data for simplifying the driving, reducing traffic jams and taking care of the environment.
Visitors were impressed by working model of Smart City made from Lego blocks and enjoyed how the vehicles were moving around and thereby switched on and off different sensors presented their Internet-platform that gives the opportunity to easily find proper Car Service, review the rating and get real feedback about it from other drivers.
Coreteka is interested in developing of Ukrainian IT-Automotive community and supports the implementation of innovations in Automotive, Logistics and Retail businesses.