March 01, 2021

What are the Best Free Resources to Begin Learning UX Design?

Online resources for people interested in UX/UI design

UX design is a process of designing beneficial websites and web applications with predefined functions. It covers a variety of considerations, regarding simplicity of usage, access and navigation, brand consistency and general aesthetics. UX research is what needed to be done before starting UX design.

There are established platforms and online resources for people interested in UX/UI design. But designers, additionally, should have a background in technical knowledge to know the fundamentals, and always keep up with the latest web development trends.

UX/UI design resources provide interesting topics on the products functions and features. Chatting with other designers and discussing the problematic subjects, you will understand the basic things and feel more equipped with a wide pool of concepts.

UX design resources, including blogs and videos, book recommendations, online communities, give you the guidance to create fine products. You will get inspired with the best free design resources that will open a set of functions and styles to begin learning UX design.

Online resources for learning UX design

Do you want to make a successful career in the UX/UI industry? Coreteka as a talented innovation partner with experience in retail and logistics has selected TOP 20 UX design resources. They are applicable for web designers who are only starting to create projects with functional UX.

TOP 20 UX design resources

UX/UI design courses about UX fundamentals and UI elements are taught by instructors from well-known universities and leading tech companies in Coursera online resource.

Expert-taught tutorials of LinkedIn Learning can help you improve UX design of every product.

Membership in Interaction Design Foundation provides access to masterclasses for User Research, Prototyping and Design, Evaluating User Interfaces. You will gain an industry-recognized Course Certificate after completion.

Springboard is an online education platform and UX/UI design bootcamp. A program covers topics of design thinking, sketching, UX research. You will have a chance to cooperate with a real company to do a design project, and use videos and career-related coursework.

Users learn information architecture, UI and iteration in Designlab UX Academy. They create their portfolios, joining the flexible UX Academy Foundations course. Experienced professional designers will guide your progress!

Udemy is a free UX design resource with web development tools and languages, design, marketing, UX software subjects. Experienced designers can learn sketching with Figma, build a UX portfolio, or prototype with Adobe XD.

Have your coding questions answered quickly with Udacity. Users can take free courses with interactive quizzes and project reviews on HTML, CSS, mobile design and usability for iOS systems.

Skillshare is a resource for people interested in UX/UI design that covers many themes of UX.

Treehouse as a UX design resource has over 300 courses in software engineering.

Users of Gymnasium will learn how to facilitate a positive user experience by relying on common design patterns.

free UX design resource

You will be able to pick up some ideas for your first portfolio with LearnUX. Meet educators from the universities and cultural institutions, who will share experience through videos and articles.

The stages of UX Design course with Future Learn are described as follows:

  • UX basics;
  • Importance of user research;
  • Visual design;
  • Wireframes and interactive prototypes;
  • Key approach and process elements in UX design;
  • Importance of good structure for usability.

Collaborate with expert instructors via live chat, voice and video in General Assembly online resource for learning UX design. It includes introduction to UX Design and Visual Design functions.

Nielsen Norman Group is a popular website that has a free library. Training seminars are attended by more than 40,000 web developers every time.

UX Movement presents different categories as forms, navigation, buttons, content, mobile, wireframes on a website to get inspired with the UX content.

Refresh your knowledge of UX design strategies with Michael Janda and discover new techniques to generate creative ideas.

a diversity of courses and blogs for learning UX design

User experience has become an essential part of designing and developing great websites and web applications. We can find interviews with professionals about UX trends in UX Blog.

UX Planet, UX Booth, Usability Geek blogs also have a section of articles, dedicated for beginners.

There are similar articles on UXmatters, UXMastery, UX Collective and UXPin.

As we can observe, a diversity of courses and blogs for learning UX design are built nowadays by leading industry experts. You can join them and absorb knowledge shared by them for free!

And if you don’t have time for learning UX design from scratch, you can contact usand hire a team of professional designers.