March 11, 2021

Web Application Development Trends in 2021

Web Application Development Trends in 2021 - 6

Web application development starts with mobile devices and constituent elements of IoT systems that are obtaining astounding popularity. A platform of choice is constantly developing for many innovative web applications in various industries and enterprises.

Standards change fast, so we should concentrate on new techniques and approaches in web application development. Advances in browser technology, protocol standards, software engineering methodologies, and trends make the design of dynamic web applications possible.

While developing a web application, developers have to think about such parameters as screen sizes, software versions, and hardware specifications. Sharpen knowledge of web application development trends and frameworks to stand high in the midst of growing competition!

The latest market trends in web application development

How can we improve web application functionality? New trends in web application development help designers to implement their ideas into reality.

Progressive web app technology is the most cost-effective solution. You will get a web app for much lower costs than building separate native iOS or Android ones. The progressive web application runs independently on a browser and interacts with a customer as a native one without installation processes. It is complemented with comprehensive APIs to ensure reliability with a single code base, and allows usage in offline mode. Also, read about supply chain traceability.

Flipkart, OLX, Twitter Lite, Uber, Forbes, Starbucks, and Pinterest are among the renowned examples. Amazon, Twitter, and Forbes are combining native and web applications to decrease bounce rates.

Top benefits for businesses:

  • Easy to access and update;
  • Faster loading;
  • Increased conversion;
  • Adjustment to any screen size and mode automatically.

Web Application Development Trends in 2021 - 8

Another attractive web application development trend helps to miss long-term communication with a server. A single-page application is a Javascript-based app that minimizes interruptions due to page reloading.

In a multi-page application, users have to keep interacting with servers to load multiple pages. Single-page app provides a higher level of data protection and decreases web development time without creating a request to obtain new HTML. It offers a more controlled UX for users by hiding all the complications.

A scrollable page helps to avoid complex navigational processes, content, and a multi-level menu. The advantages of WordPress, Google Maps, Facebook, and GitHub as examples are good responsiveness and better conversion rates. users can check a mailbox and compose new emails on one single page.

Web Application Development Trends in 2021 - 10

Serverless applications are cloud-based web apps, which depend on third-party services. Key features that strengthen the architecture are:

  • Usage with lesser operational costs;
  • Higher focus on scaling and performance;
  • Independent of managing server and host procedures.

Accelerated Mobile Pages, developed by Google, show only necessary information for blogs and news publishers. They aim to speed up the web page performance by creating HTML copies of already existing web pages. The functions are:

  • Better conversion ratio;
  • Enhanced SEO;
  • Accessible and mobile-friendly mode;
  • Instant page accessibility.

As you can see on YouTube and Netflix, which recommend content, based on the preferences of customers, AI and IoT are the prominent technologies for business automation.

The latest trends in web application development highlight the importance of exceptional chatbots. Dozens of AI-powered bots and virtual assistants are beneficial in e-commerce, travel, and tourism. Voice search technology such as Siri from Apple, Alexa and Echo from Amazon, and Google Assistant have witnessed a huge increase in demand.

Web Application Development Trends in 2021 - 12

Customer service chatbots can receive information from clients without the manager’s intervention. Google reports that over 80% of customer-company interactions will involve no human customer service representatives by 2025. Speech recognition techniques and cognitive intelligence make chatbots more reliable.

AI-powered chatbots are useful in such processes:

  • Help in answering questions and queries;
  • Double up conversions and sales;
  • Facilitate multitasking;
  • Enhance customer interaction.

Explore page title transitions, animations, and modular scrolling with Motion UI. It has a sustainable library that allows uninterrupted transition effects.

What is sustainability in business? Find out more about it in the article.

It is also easier to analyze content, using dark themes in UI. They increase visibility and give a rather stylish touch to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Android, Apple, YouTube, etc.

Push notifications message a user about certain events, offers, news, reminders, etc. Their advantages are to:

  • Deliver authentic messages to customers;
  • Open direct communication between customers and enterprises;
  • Encourage the branding;
  • Improve conversions rate;
  • Help in fastening decisions and sales.

Web Application Development Trends in 2021 - 14

Companies of all sizes tend to choose Cloud mechanisms. Almost all mobile applications need Cloud back-end services for data storage and security. Among the solutions are Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, AWS Lambda etc.

As a majority of web applications are built on JavaScript, it makes them comparatively slow. With the WebAssembly tool, it is recommended for making web games, audio/video, and mapping apps. These modules are able to access browser functionality through the same web APIs, but web details are written faster.

In 2021, 80% of telecommunication companies stated that they have a reliance on AI for cybersecurity. AI-powered data security software helps to detect malicious activity accurately.

Bitcoin and blockchain have taken their rightful places in articles about innovations. To ensure the full security of data, every transaction is verified and relies on a complex algorithm in a blockchain-distributed network.

5G technology is designed to receive high Internet speed and performance for web applications.

Web Application Development Trends in 2021 - 16

Any business is required to offer the best services to customers while keeping operational costs low. Web application development trends help to make a design that loads fast, keeps your visitors engaged, and increases brand visibility.

The priority of Coreteka is to take into account particular business needs and, following the latest trends in web development, satisfy clients with a first-class experience.

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