January 03, 2019

CoreTeka Automotive Startup Crash Test #2

Summer 2018 is full of fascinating events! That is why we decided to hold the first CoreTeka
event in Mykolaiv. The meetup was devoted to fuckup on projects (commonly spread phenomenon in
IT, isn’t it? ? Alex Isachenko, CEO, CoreTeka and Maxim Tudoi, Engineering Consultant,
GlobalLogic have shared their experience and useful life hacks concerning project

  • to meet talented developers;
  • to test the idea quickly;
  • to find the best talents;
  • to be aware of events and technologies on the market.

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  1. to be a pioneer – to develop one’s own technologies and consolidate market position;
  2. to ask other companies for help in developing and providing assistance in introducing innovative
  3. to buy technology or solution pre-existing on the market and to adjust it to company’s business

Event page: https://goo.gl/rwLBw5
Photos: https://goo.gl/rwLBw5
Stay tuned!

CoreTeka brings together the IT-world and the world of retail and logistics. Teams have the
possibility to create solutions and to test them in terms of real business processes. I think that’s what’s
missing at hackathons where business representatives are not presented.